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ACES researcher received prestigious early career award

October 12, 2017

Assistant Professor Claudia Mohr has been awarded the AS Division Outstanding Early Career Scientist Award of the European Geosciences Union (EGU). Early Career Scientist Award recipients, who are normally from both European and non-European countries, have been selected for ”their important contributions to the Earth, planetary and space sciences.”  “I am very happy and honoured to receive this award. The …

ACES researcher contributes to climate report presented in the UN

October 2, 2017

It is possible to limit global warming to less than two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, but only if the world takes fast action. This is the conclusion in a new report written by 33 leading climate scientists and climate advisors. The report “Well Under 2 Degrees Celsius. Fast Action Policies to Protect People and the Planet from Extreme Climate …

ACES research collaboration drives major government investment to reduce pharmaceuticals in the marine environment

September 14, 2017

The Swedish Government pledges 180 million SEK (€18 million) for the coming 3 years to implement advanced wastewater treatment methods for reducing the amount of pharmaceutical residues in the marine environment. In an official memo, the Government acknowledged the findings of the MistraPharma research program, which was hosted and lead by ACES researchers, as being influential in the decision to …

Education of high quality

We offer a range of courses in environmental science, environmental chemistry, and analytical chemistry. Our courses provide training that is tailored to your career aspirations, and offer pathways that can help you reach your potential

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Our courses provide training that is tailored to your career aspirations, and offer pathways that can help you reach your potential

Interdisciplinary research with impact

Cutting edge research on global issues: chemical contaminants, atmospheric aerosols, biogeochemical cycles of carbon and nutrients, and analytical chemistry

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External Relations

At ACES, our ambition is to contribute to a sustainable society.
For that, we provide support and expert advice to government agencies, private companies, non-governmental organizations, schools and other groups on a variety of issues.

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On occasion and on a case-by-case basis, we engage in long-term strategic collaborations with external partners that share our commitment to sustainability.

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