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About the station

360 degree view from Zeppelin station

The Zeppelin station is located at , 474 m above sea level

On Svalbard´s west coast and at 78°54' N, 11°53' E , Ny-Ålesund has been called a “natural laboratory” due to its location in an undisturbed Arctic environment. In addition to atmospheric studies, research on marine and terrestrial ecosystems, glaciers, physical properties of snow and ice, surface energy balance and solar radiaton is also carried out in Ny-Ålesund. More than 10 nations are represented in the various measurements made here.

The Zeppelin Mountain Research Station is an excellent site for atmospheric monitoring. Located at 475 m above sea level it experiences minimal contamination from the local settlement due to its location above the inversion layer. The station is owned by the Norwegian Polar Research Institute, and the Norwegian Institute for Atmospheric Research (NILU) has the main responibility for the science perfomed at the station. NILU and SU are the two groups that measure continously at Zeppelin.