The world premier of a documentary film about the international research expedition SWERUS-C3 will take place on 11 October at Aula Magna, Stockholm University. The film takes the viewer on a journey through the preparatory work and planning to the life omboard and the process of collecting the data, and reveals some groundbreaking discoveries.

Nina Kirchner, Associate Professor and Scientific Director at the Bolin Centre for Climate Research, who participated in the expedition, will introduce the film. “Memories of expeditions to such remote areas as the Arctic are always special and now we can finally share the experience with everyone who was not there,” says Nina Kirchner.

SWERUS-C3 was a Swedish-Russian-American expedition that aimed to investigate the interaction between thawing cryosphere, carbon and climate and to seek answers to questions about sea ice history and the fate of the methane that is bound in the permafrost in the remote East Siberian Sea. The expedition was conducted during July to October 2014.

The film, which is 30 minutes long, contains material filmed by the researchers interwoven with interviews with research leaders Örjan Gustafsson, professor at ACES, and Martin Jakobsson, professor at IGV, both at Stockholm University. The film is a Stockholm University production.