Weichao Wu

Guest researcher/Post doc
Room: R517
Phone: +46 8 674 7245

Organic Geochemist

I am an organic geochemistry with interests in biogeochemical carbon cycle and microbial metabolism in aqueous and solid environment via organic geochemistry, isotopic geochemistry (13C, 2H) and metabolomics. It aims to reveal the key role of microorganisms in the biogeochemical carbon cycle in ocean, e.g.,  microbial activity and degradation process of organic matter. The current study focus:

  1. Development of metabolic flux analysis for environmental microbes and fragment 13C analysis of fatty acids via high resolution GC or LC-mass spectrometry
  2. Aerobic and anaerobic methane oxidation history in marine sediments
  3. Reconstruction of microbial organic matter degradation in marine sediments

Latest scientific papers

C-13 analysis of fatty acid fragments by gas chromatography mass spectrometry for metabolic flux analysis

Wu, WC; Dijkstra, P; Dippold, MA
2020 | Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta | 284 (92-106)

Intact Ether Lipids in Trench Sediments Related to Archaeal Community and Environmental Conditions in the Deepest Ocean

Xu, YP; Wu, WC; Xiao, WJ; Ge, HM; Wei, YL; Yin, XR; Yao, HM; Lipp, JS; Pan, BB; Hinrichs, KU
2020 | J. Geophys. Res.-Biogeosci. | 125 (7)

CO2 conversion to methane and biomass in obligate methylotrophic methanogens in marine sediments

Yin, XR; Wu, WC; Maeke, M; Richter-Heitmann, T; Kulkarni, AC; Oni, OE; Wendt, J; Elvert, M; Friedrich, MW
2019 | ISME J. | 13 (8) (2107-2119)

Origin of hydroxyl GDGTs and regular isoprenoid GDGTs in suspended particulate matter of Yangtze River Estuary

Lu, XX; Chen, JL; Han, TW; Yang, H; Wu, WC; Ding, WH; Hinrichs, KU
2019 | Org. Geochem. | 128 (78-85)

Growth of sedimentary Bathyarchaeota on lignin as an energy source

Yu, TT; Wu, WC; Liang, WY; Lever, MA; Hinrichs, KU; Wang, FP
2018 | Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. | 115 (23) (6022-6027)

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How human activities affect natural processes that drive the major biogeochemical cycles that ultimately govern the composition of the environment.