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Sources and distribution of organic compounds in the atmosphere: analytical methods for determining biogenic and anthropogenic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and oxidation products of biogenic VOCs

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Elemental and water-insoluble organic carbon in Svalbard snow: a synthesis of observations during 2007-2018

Zdanowicz, C; Gallet, JC; Bjorkman, MP; Larose, C; Schuler, T; Luks, B; Koziol, K; Spolaor, A; Barbaro, E; Martma, T; van Pelt, W; Wideqvist, U; Strom, J
2021 | Atmos. Chem. Phys. | 21 (4) (3035-3057)

Physical and chemical properties of aerosol particles and cloud residuals on Mt. angstrom reskutan in Central Sweden during summer 2014

2020 | Tellus Ser. B-Chem. Phys. Meteorol. | 72 (1)

Surface partitioning in organic–inorganic mixtures contributes to the size-dependence of the phase-state of atmospheric nanoparticles

Werner, J.; Dalirian, M.; Walz, M.-M.; Ekholm, V.; Wideqvist, U.; Lowe, S. J.; Öhrwall, G.; Persson, I.; Riipinen, I.; Björneholm, O.
2016 | Environ. Sci. Technol.

Extensive organohalogen contamination in wildlife from a site in the Yangtze River Delta

Zhou, YH; Asplund, L; Yin, G; Athanassiadis, I; Wideqvist, U; Bignert, A; Qiu, YL; Zhu, ZL; Zhao, JF; Bergman, A
2016 | Sci. Total Environ. | 554 (320-328)

Surface Partitioning in Organic-Inorganic Mixtures Contributes to the Size-Dependence of the Phase-State of Atmospheric Nanoparticles

Werner, J; Dalirian, M; Walz, MM; Ekholm, V; Wideqvist, U; Lowe, SJ; Ohrwal, G; Persson, I; Riipinen, I; Bjorneholm, O
2016 | Environ. Sci. Technol. | 50 (14) (7434-7442)

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