Sylvain Monteux

Guest researcher/Post doc
Room: R515

Research topics

I’m a microbial ecologist interested in extreme environments and links between microbial community and ecosystem functioning. After a PhD in plant-soil-microbes interactions in permafrost systems (Dr. Ellen Dorrepaal, Umeå University, Abisko) and a postdoc in plant-food web-biogeochemistry interactions in sub-Arctic tundra soils (Dr. Eveline J. Krab, SLU, Uppsala), my current postdoc focuses on improving the PrimeSCale model.

PrimeSCale aims to explicitly incorporate rhizosphere priming effects in predictions of carbon fluxes in the permafrost region, by combining datasets from earlier modeling efforts (e.g. active layer thickness, soil carbon and nitrogen, GPP) and data derived from new meta-analyses (rhizosphere priming effect, root depth distribution of different vegetation types). Possible improvements to PrimeSCale that will be explored throughout my project include its geographical scope, choice of source data and sensitivity analyses.

In addition I explore microbial functional limitations in permafrost soils, soil fauna effects on microbial communities, and am a co-founder of the ECR long-term mycorrhizal plants removal experiment ALTER.

Latest scientific papers

Carbon and nitrogen cycling in Yedoma permafrost controlled by microbial functional limitations

S. Monteux; F. Keuper; S. Fontaine; K. Gavazov; S. Hallin; J. Juhanson; E.J. Krab; S. Revaillot; E. Verbruggen; J. Walz; J.T. Weedon; E. Dorrepaal
2020 | Nat. Geosci. | 13 (12) (794-798)

The Transition From Stochastic to Deterministic Bacterial Community Assembly During Permafrost Thaw Succession

S.J. Doherty; R.A. Barbato; A.S. Grandy; W.K. Thomas; S. Monteux; E. Dorrepaal; M. Johansson; J.G. Ernakovich
2020 | Front. Microbiol. | 11

Carbon loss from northern circumpolar permafrost soils amplified by rhizosphere priming

Keuper F.; Wild B.; Kummu M.; Beer C.; Blume-Werry G.; Fontaine S.; Gavazov K.; Gentsch Norman; Guggenberger G.; Hugelius G.; Jalava M.; Koven C.; Krab E.J.; Kuhry P.; Monteux S.; Richter A.; Shahzad T.; Weedon J.T.; Dorrepaal E.
2020 | Nat. Geosci. | 13 (560-565)

Decade of experimental permafrost thaw reduces turnover of young carbon and increases losses of old carbon, without affecting the net carbon balance

Olid C; Klaminder J; Monteux S; Johansson M; Dorrepaal E
2020 | Glob. Change Biol. | 26 (10) (5886-5898)

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