Sigurd Christiansen

Guest researcher/Post doc
Mobile: +298 256261

My Research Interests and Background

My research interests: 

My research interests are within experimental atmospheric science, e.g. physical and chemical properties of aerosols, cloud condensation nuclei, cloud formation potential, ice nucleation. During my stay at ACES, I will work primarily on Arctic aerosols and clouds as a part of my Carlsberg Foundation Postdoctorial Fellowship.


I did my BSc and MSc in Chemistry at University of Copenhagen (2011-2015), followed by a PhD at Aarhus University (2015-2020) in Prof. Merete Bildes group. My thesis was on the topic of sea spray aerosols, its formation and cloud formation potential.

Atmospheric Science

The life cycle and impact of tiny atmospheric particles known as aerosols – both indoors as well as outdoors.