Sanjeev Dasari

PhD student
Room: R501
Phone: +46 86747759

Black Carbon aerosols over South Asia: top-down characterization of sources and properties

Large emissions of black carbon (BC) aerosols in densely populated South Asia affect the quality of the regional air and the climate. However, these health and climate effects are associated with large uncertainties, as illustrated by a factor 2-3 offset between top-down observations and bottom-up model predictions of both BC sources/loadings and the direct climate effects. My thesis aims to contribute to reduce this model-observation gap. To this end, observational studies in source and receptor location in S Asia using a combination of geo-chemical and optical techniques will be employed in order to address (i) BC source apportionment; (ii) BC source fluxes; (iii) optical properties of ambient light-absorbing aerosols.  I started my PhD work by participating in the South Asian Pollution Experiment (SAPOEX-16) between Jan-Mar 2016, a field campaign in the Maldives at MCOH along with various international collaborators. We made multitude of  high resolution online and filter based atmospheric measurements and a major chunk of this would be analyzed during the course of my PhD work.


How human activities affect natural processes that drive the major biogeochemical cycles that ultimately govern the composition of the environment.