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There will be no clouds and no rain. With every breath man inhale millions of them. Some of them harming our health, but others can deliver cure to lungs of those ill with asthma. Tiny small particles in the air called aerosol. Too small to be seen with naked eye, but significantly influencing our daily life  from nanoworld up to planetary scale.

One of the major advancements that can be achieved in aerosol science today is to better understand processes controlling aerosols and clouds life cycle in the Earth atmosphere. Predictions of future climate will never be better and more precise than data used for these predictions

Latest scientific papers

Arctic sea ice melt leads to atmospheric new particle formation.

Dall'Osto, M.; Beddows, DCS.; Tunved, P.; Krejci, R.; Strom, J.; Hansson, HC.; Yoon, YJ.; Park, KT.; Becagli, S.; Udisti, R.; Onasch, T.; O'Dowd, CD.; Simo, R.; Harrison, RM.
2017 | Sci Rep | 10

A new aerosol wet removal scheme for the Lagrangian particle model FLEXPART v10

Grythe, H.; Kristiansen, N.; Zwaaftink, CDG.; Eckhardt, S.; Strom, J.; Tunved, P.; Krejci, R.; Stohl, A.
2017 | Geosci. Model Dev. | 10 (1447-1466)

Pan-Arctic aerosol number size distributions: seasonality and transport patterns

Freud, E; Krejci, R; Tunved, P; Leaitch, R; Nguyen, QT; Massling, A; Skov, H; Barrie, L
2017 | Atmos. Chem. Phys. | 17 (13) (8101-8128)

Microphysical explanation of the RH-dependent water affinity of biogenic organic aerosol and its importance for climate

Rastak, N; Pajunoja, A; Navarro, JCA; Ma, J; Song, M; Partridge, DG; Kirkevag, A; Leong, Y; Hu, WW; Taylor, NF; Lambe, A; Cerully, K; Bougiatioti, A; Liu, P; Krejci, R; Petaja, T; Percival, C; Davidovits, P; Worsnop, DR; Ekman, AML; Nenes, A; Martin, S; Jimenez, JL; Collins, DR; Topping, DO; Bertram, AK; Zuend, A; Virtanen, A; Riipinen, I
2017 | Geophys Res Lett | 44 (10) (5167-5177)

CCN production by new particle formation in the free troposphere

Rose, C; Sellegri, K; Moreno, I; Velarde, F; Ramonet, M; Weinhold, K; Krejci, R; Andrade, M; Wiedensohler, A; Ginot, P; Laj, P
2017 | Atmos. Chem. Phys. | 17 (2) (1529-1541)

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The life cycle and impact of tiny atmospheric particles known as aerosols – both indoors as well as outdoors.

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