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Arctic sea ice melt leads to atmospheric new particle formation.

Dall'Osto, M.; Beddows, DCS.; Tunved, P.; Krejci, R.; Strom, J.; Hansson, HC.; Yoon, YJ.; Park, KT.; Becagli, S.; Udisti, R.; Onasch, T.; O'Dowd, CD.; Simo, R.; Harrison, RM.
2017 | Sci Rep | 10

A new aerosol wet removal scheme for the Lagrangian particle model FLEXPART v10

Grythe, H.; Kristiansen, N.; Zwaaftink, CDG.; Eckhardt, S.; Strom, J.; Tunved, P.; Krejci, R.; Stohl, A.
2017 | Geosci. Model Dev. | 10 (1447-1466)

The relationship between cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) concentration and light extinction of dried particles: indications of underlying aerosol processes and implications for satellite-based CCN estimates

Shinozuka, Y.; Clarke, AD.; Nenes, A.; Jefferson, A.; Wood, R.; McNaughton, CS.; Ström, J.; Tunved, P., Redemann, J.; Thornhill, KL.; Moore, RH.; Lathem, TL.; Lin, JJ.; Young, YJ.
2015 | Atmos. Chem. Phys. | 15 (7585-7604)

Low hygroscopic scattering enhancement of boreal aerosol and the implications for a columnar optical closure study

Zieger, P.; Aalto, P. P.; Aaltonen, V.; Äijälä, M.; Backman, J.; Hong, J.; Komppula, M.; Krejci, R.; Laborde, M.; Lampilahti, J.; de Leeuw, G.; Pfüller, A.; Rosati, B.; Tesche, M.; Tunved, P.; Väänänen, R.; Petäjä, T.
2015 | Atmos. Chem. Phys. | 15 (7247-7267)

Organosulfates and organic acids in Arctic aerosols: Speciation, annual variation and concentration levels

Hansen, A.M.K.; Kristensen, K.; Nguyen, Q.T.; Zare, A.; Cozzi, F.; Nojgaard, J.K.; Skov, H.; Brandt, J.; Christensen, J.H.; Ström, J.; Tunved, P.; Krejci, R.; Glasius M.
2014 | Atmos. Chem. Phys. | 14 (15) (7807-7823)

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