Paul Zieger

Associate professor
Room: V218
Phone: +46 8 674 7634

My Research interests:

Study of microphysical and chemical properties of aerosols and clouds using a broad range of measurement techniques (i.e., in-situ and remote-sensing techniques on ground-based and airborne platforms within dedicated field campaigns and laboratory studies), modeling of aerosol optical properties, aerosol hygroscopicity, aerosol-cloud interactions, study of ambient aerosols and clouds in the Arctic.

SOLAS Sweden:

  • February 2021: I am the new Swedish representative to Surface Ocean – Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS) . If you are interested to  receive updates from the Swedish SOLAS-community, please sign-up here. This form is also used to update on recent progress and upcoming plans that will be included in the annual SOLAS report.

Some updates:

  • We will continue our course series e-science tools in atmospheric science also in2021! More info from the last course in Tjärnö, Sweden, can be found here.
  • The NASCENT campaign is ongoing (extended due to COVID-19). Find out more on our project webpage.
  • News, blogs and photos from the Arctic Ocean 2018 expedition &  MOCCHA campaign be found on our project webpage.

⇒ We always offer interesting topics for master or bachelor work. Just contact me if you are interested to work with atmospheric aerosols or clouds!


I am currently giving the Aerosol Physics (MI4004) course and teach the lecture on passive remote sensing on the Remote sensing in atmospheric science and oceanography (MO8008) course at MISU. In addition, I am organizing the annual Course series on e-science tools in atmospheric science together with University of Oslo/MetNo (Norway).

Latest scientific papers

Aerosols in current and future Arctic climate

Julia Schmale; Paul Zieger; Annica Ekman
2021 | Nat. Clim. Change | 11 (95-105)

Differing Mechanisms of New Particle Formation at Two Arctic Sites

Lisa J. Beck; Nina Sarnela; Heikki Junninen; Clara J. M. Hoppe; Olga Garmash; Federico Bianchi; Matthieu Riva; Clemence Rose; Otso Peräkylä; Daniela Wimmer; Oskari Kausiala; Tuija Jokinen; Lauri Ahonen; Jyri Mikkilä; Jani Hakala; Xu‐Cheng He; Jenni Kontkanen; Klara K. E. Wolf; David Cappelletti; Mauro Mazzola; Rita Traversi; Chiara Petroselli; Angelo P. Viola; Vito Vitale; Robert Lange; Andreas Massling; Jakob K. Nøjgaard; Radovan Krejci; Linn Karlsson; Paul Zieger; Sehyun Jang; Kitack Lee; Ville Vakkari; Janne Lampilahti; Roseline C. Thakur; Katri Leino; Juha Kangasluoma; Ella‐Maria Duplissy; Erkki Siivola; Marjan Marbouti; Yee Jun Tham; Alfonso Saiz‐Lopez; Tuukka Petäjä; Mikael Ehn; Douglas R. Worsnop; Henrik Skov; Markku Kulmala; Veli‐Matti Kerminen; Mikko Sipilä
2020 | Geophys Res Lett | 48 (4)

From a polar to a marine environment: has the changing Arctic led to a shift in aerosol light scattering properties?

2020 | Atmos. Chem. Phys. | 20 (13671-13686)

Frequent new particle formation over the high Arctic pack ice by enhanced iodine emissions

Andrea Baccarini; Linn Karlsson; Josef Dommen; Patrick Duplessis; Jutta Vüllers; Ian M. Brooks; Alfonso Saiz-Lopez; Matthew Salter; Michael Tjernström; Urs Baltensperger; Paul Zieger; Julia Schmale
2020 | Nat. Commun. | 11 (4924 ) (1-11)

A global model–measurement evaluation of particle light scattering coefficients at elevated relative humidity

Burgos, M. A.; Andrews, E.; Titos, G.; Benedetti, A.; Bian, H.; Buchard, V.; Curci, G.; Kipling, Z.; Kirkevåg, A.; Kokkola, H.; Laakso, A.; Letertre-Danczak, J.; Lund, M. T.; Matsui, H.; Myhre, G.; Randles, C.; Schulz, M.; van Noije, T.; Zhang, K.; Alados-Arboledas, L.; Baltensperger, U.; Jefferson, A.; Sherman, J.; Sun, J.; Weingartner, E.; Zieger, P.
2020 | Atmos. Chem. Phys. | 20 (10231-10258)

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