Örjan Gustafsson

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Research Interests

I lead a research group that studies topics ranging from thawing Arctic permafrost carbon-climate couplings, to sources and radiative effects of aerosols in the Brown Clouds over South and East Asia, to the degradation of organic contaminants at industrial sites.  
Our work is based on field observations and sampling, often using own-developed techniques, in remote locations such a  on ships in the Arctic and  on atmospheric observatories in both remote receptor locations (Tiksi, NE Siberia; Hanimaadhoo Island, the Maldives and Jeju Island, S. Korea) and in megacity locations in India and China.  We emphasize molecular, isotopic and even molecular-isotopic probing of the organic matter to improve our understanding of its source, degradation status and properties.
We have currently organized ourselves in three research tracks: Aerosols, Arctic-C and Molecular and Isotopic Analysis (MIA).
I will try to not wait another ten years to update my homepage…In the meantime, email me or anyone else in the group (links to the right) if you have any questions!

Latest scientific papers

CASCADE – The Circum-Arctic Sediment CArbon DatabasE

Jannik Martens; Evgeny Romankevich; Igor Semiletov; Birgit Wild; Bart van Dongen; Jorien Vonk; Tommaso Tesi; Natalia Shakhova; Oleg V. Dudarev; Denis Kosmach; Alexander Vetrov; Leopold Lobkovsky; Nikolay Belyaev; Robie W. Macdonald; Anna J. Pieńkowski; Timothy I. Eglinton; Negar Haghipour; Salve Dahle; Michael L. Carroll; Emmelie K. L. Åström; Jacqueline M. Grebmeier; Lee W. Cooper; Göran Possnert; Örjan Gustafsson
2021 | Earth Syst. Sci. Data | 13

Remobilization of dormant carbon from Siberian Arctic permafrost during three past warming events

Jannik Martens; Birgit Wild; Francesco Muschitiello; Matt O’Regan; Martin Jakobsson; Igor Semiletov; Oleg V. Dudarev; Örjan Gustafsson
2020 | Sci. Adv. | 6 (42)

Source quantification of South Asian black carbon aerosols with isotopes and modeling

Sanjeev Dasari; August Andersson; Andreas Stohl; Nikolaos Evangeliou; Srinivas Bikkina; Henry Holmstrand; Krishnakant Budhavant; Abdus Salam; Örjan Gustafsson;
2020 | Environ. Sci. Technol.

Rivers across the Siberian Arctic unearth the patterns of carbon release from thawing permafrost

Wild, B.; Andersson, A.; Bröder, L.; Vonk, J.; Hugelius, G.; McClelland, J.W.; Song, W.; Raymond, P.A.; Gustafsson, Ö.
2019 | Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. | 116 (21) (10280-10285)

Distribution of Fe isotopes in particles and colloids in the salinity gradient along the Lena River plume, Laptev Sea

Sarah Conrad; Johan Ingri; Johan Gelting; Fredrik Nordblad; Emma Engström; Ilia Rodushkin; Per S. Andersson; Don Porcelli; Örjan Gustafsson; Igor Semiletov; Björn Öhlander
2019 | Biogeosciences | 16 (1305-1319)

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