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Mohamed Abdel Rehim

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Staff Personal

– 1994, PhD in Analytical pharmaceutical Chemistry, Uppsala University.
– 1996 – 2011, Sr. Scientist & Principal Scientist at AstraZeneca R&D, Södertälje, Sweden.
– 1999, Associate Professor in Analytical Chemistry, Karlstad University.
– 2003 – 2011 Professor in Analytical Chemistry, Karlstad University.
– 2008, Visiting Professor at the National Research Centre of Egypt.
– 2011, Professor in Analytical Chemistry, Stockholm University.

– Top Cited, 2002-2007, J. Chromatogr. B. (Publisher: Elsevier).
– Top Cited, 2007-2009, J. Liquid Chromatogr. & Rel. Tech. (Publisher: Taylor & Francis).
– Top Cited, 2010-2015, J. Chromatogr. A. (Publisher: Elsevier).

Member of editorial boards of International Journals
– Editor-in-chief, Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry
– Regional Editor, Current Chromatography
– Associate Editor, Springer Science Reviews
– Editorial Board, Biomedical Chromatography
– Editorial Board, J. Analytical Methods in Chemistry
– Editorial Board, International Journal of Analytical Chemistry
– Editorial Board, The Open Spectroscopy Journal
– Editorial Board, The Open Chem. & Biomed. Methods Journal
– Editorial Board, J. Analytical & Molecular Techniques
– Editorial Board, GSTF Journal of Chemical Sciences (JChem)

Staff Research

– The main focus of research is to invent a highly automated and integrated instrumentation for the isolation of drugs and metabolites from biological matrices and the subsequent separation, identification and determination of these analytes.
– Invent of new sample-preparation techniques including microextraction by packed sorbent (MEPS) and packed 96-Tip robotic device for high throughput bioanalysis.
– Screening and detection of biomarkers in CNS and Oncology diseases for diagnostic purposes.
– Development of new monoliths and molecular imprinted polymers for LC and SPE use.
– Chiral separation of drugs.

Staff Specialties

– Drug Research
– Bioanalysis
– Sampling and Sample Preparation for Biological Samples
– Mass Spectrometry
– Liquid and Gas Chromatography

Latest scientific papers

Online post-column solvent assisted and direct solvent-assisted electrospray ionization for chiral analysis of propranolol enantiomers in plasma samples

Elmongy, H., Ahmed, H., Wahbi, A.-A., Koyi, H., Abdel-Rehim, M.
2015 | J. Chromatogr. A | 1418 (110-118)

Application of graphitic sorbent for online microextraction of drugs in human plasma samples

Iadaresta, F., Crescenzi, C., Amini, A., (...), Koyi, H., Abdel-Rehim, M.
2015 | J. Chromatogr. A | 1422 (34-42)

Graphite-based microextraction by packed sorbent for online extraction of β-blockers from human plasma samples

Abuzooda, T., Amini, A., Abdel-Rehim, M.
2015 | J. Chromatogr. B | 992 (86-90)

Microextraction by packed sorbent (MEPS)

Moein, M.M., Abdel-Rehim, A., Abdel-Rehim, M.
2015 | Trends Analyt Chem | 67 (34-44)

A new strategy for surface modification of polysulfone membrane by in situ imprinted sol-gel method for the selective separation and screening of L-Tyrosine as a lung cancer biomarker

Moein, M.M., Javanbakht, M., Karimi, M., Akbari-Adergani, B., Abdel-Rehim, M.
2015 | Analyst | 160 (6) (1939-1946)

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Analytical Chemistry

Analyzing organic chemicals: Basic research in method development and environmental / bioanalytical applications.