Matthew Salter

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About me

I am a marine biogeochemist/aerosol physicist and a theme throughout my research career has been the interaction between the surface ocean and the atmosphere. More specifically, I am interested in the emission of matter from the oceans, in the form of sea spray aerosols, and how these aerosols can impact climate and transport pollutants.

In order to investigate the process of sea spray aerosol generation in the laboratory, we have designed and built a state-of-the-art sea spray simulation
chamber and used it to better parameterise the flux of sea spray aerosols to the atmosphere in large-scale models. We have also used our sea spray chamber to investigate the chemical composition of sea spray aerosols as a function of particle size.

In ongoing work we have turned our focus to understanding how life in the oceans may affect both the magnitude of sea spray aerosol emissions and the chemical composition of the particles. In particular, we are interested in whether particles, which are emitted from the leads which open-up in the Arctic during summer via bubble-bursting, are influencing clouds in the region. This aspect of our work will come into sharper focus during 2018 when we will participate in the Microbiology-Ocean-Cloud-Coupling in the High Arctic (MOCCHA) campaign in late summer aboard the icebreaker Oden in the high Arctic.

Another strand of ongoing work relates to the transport of persistent organic pollutants to the atmosphere via sea spray aerosols. In recent work, we have been using our sea spray chamber to investigate whether perfluoroalkyl acids (PFAAs), a class of anthropogenic surfactants which have been manufactured since the 1950’s may be efficiently transported by sea spray aerosols and how important this process might be to the life cycle and fate of these chemicals.

Latest scientific papers

Influence of Arctic Microlayers and Algal Cultures on Sea Spray Hygroscopicity and the Possible Implications for Mixed‐Phase Clouds

Sigurd Christiansen; Luisa Ickes; Ines Bulatovic; Caroline Leck; Benjamin J Murray; Allan K Bertram; Robert Wagner; Elena Gorokhova; Matthew E Salter; Annica ML Ekman; Merete Bilde
2020 | J. Geophys. Res.-Atmos. | 125

Frequent new particle formation over the high Arctic pack ice by enhanced iodine emissions

Andrea Baccarini; Linn Karlsson; Josef Dommen; Patrick Duplessis; Jutta Vüllers; Ian M. Brooks; Alfonso Saiz-Lopez; Matthew Salter; Michael Tjernström; Urs Baltensperger; Paul Zieger; Julia Schmale
2020 | Nat. Commun. | 11 (4924 ) (1-11)

The ice-nucleating activity of Arctic sea surface microlayer samples and marine algal cultures

Luisa Ickes; Grace CE Porter; Robert Wagner; Michael P Adams; Sascha Bierbauer; Allan K Bertram; Merete Bilde; Sigurd Christiansen; Annica ML Ekman; Elena Gorokhova; Kristina Höhler; Alexei A Kiselev; Caroline Leck; Ottmar Möhler; Benjamin J Murray; Thea Schiebel; Romy Ullrich; Matthew E Salter
2020 | Atmos. Chem. Phys. | 20

The influence of water concentrations of perfluoroalkyl acids (PFAAs) on their size-resolved enrichment in nascent sea spray aerosols

2020 | Environ. Sci. Technol. | XX (XX) (XXX-XXX)

The MILAN campaign: Studying diel light effects on the air-sea interface

Christian Stolle; Mariana Ribas-Ribas; Thomas H. Badewien; Jonathan Barnes; Lucy J. Carpenter; Rosie Chance; Lars Riis Damgaard; Ana María Durán Quesada; Anja Engel; Sanja Frka; Luisa Galgani; Blaženka Gašparović; Michaela Gerriets; Nur Ili Hamizah Mustaffa; Hartmut Herrmann; Liisa Kallajoki; Ryan Pereira; Franziska Radach; Niels Peter Revsbech; Philippa Rickard; Adam Saint; Matthew Salter; Maren Striebel; Nadja Triesch; Guenther Uher; Robert C. Upstill-Goddard; Manuela Van Pinxteren; Birthe Zäncker; Paul Zieger; Oliver Wurl
2020 | Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc. | 101 (2) (E146-E166)

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