Malte Posselt

Guest researcher/Post doc
Room: T534

About me

I am an environmental chemist with a background in analytical chemistry, biology and ecotoxicology. My research focuses on organic pollutants in the aquatic environment. This includes pesticides, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals and many more. We develop new high-resolution methods to trace them down and try to understand where they come from and how they behave in the environment. We identify substances or breakdown products that are particularly problematic and look for solutions to counteract the risks.

We combine elements of environmental analytical chemistry, microbiology, biogeochemistry, hydrology and scientific modelling in our projects.

Some of our current research questions:

  • How will the climate breakdown affect the quality of our drinking water resources and how can we prepare for that?
  • Why are some rivers better than others at removing pollutants?
  • Under what conditions do pollutant-degrading microorganisms work most effectively?
  • Which factors control the removal efficiency of household chemicals in wastewater treatment plants?
  • What is the best way to measure and compare biotransformation in the environment?

Latest scientific papers

Spatial and temporal variability in attenuation of polar organic micropollutants in an urban lowland stream

Malte Posselt; Anna Jaeger; Andrea Betterle; Jonas Schaper; Jonas Mechelke; Claudia Coll; Jörg Lewandowski
2019 | Environ. Sci. Technol.

Environmental filtering and community delineation in the streambed ecotone

Ignacio Peralta-Maraver; Jason Galloway; Malte Posselt; Shai Arnon; Julia Reiss; Jörg Lewandowski; Anne L Robertson
2018 | Sci Rep

Determination of polar organic micropollutants in surface and pore water by high-resolution sampling-direct injection-ultra high performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

Malte Posselt; Anna Jaeger; Jonas L Schaper; Michael Radke; Jonathan P. Benskin
2018 | Environ. Sci.-Process Impacts | 20 (1716-1727)

Hyporheic exchange controls fate of trace organic compounds in an urban stream

Jonas L Schaper; Malte Posselt; James L McCallum; Eddie W Banks; Anja Hoehne; Karin Meinikmann; Margaret A Shanafield; Okke Batelaan; Joerg Lewandowski
2018 | Environ. Sci. Technol. | 52 (21) (12285-12294)

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Contaminant Chemistry

Pollutants in the environment: Where they come from, where they go, and who gets exposed.