Magnus Breitholtz

Room: X521
Phone: +46 70 600 2686

Research field

I am a professor of Ecotoxicology and my overall research focus is on improving risk assessment of environmental contaminants. The main ambition is to seek more relevant and sensitive test methods and biomarkers, as well as to link effects at the laboratory scale to the situation in the field in order to better predict or describe contaminant effects in the environment.
I primarily work with zooplankton, such as copepods and daphnids, where I seek to establish links between different levels of biological organization (e.g. cellular, molecular and population) and to develop novel ecotoxicological tests and approaches, including integrated biochemical and genetic analysis. To increase the ecological realism of this work, I have over the last years become increasingly interested in the application of population-modelling tools. Since ecotoxicology is not only about effects but also about exposure, I am also trying to understand implications of different exposure routes, bioaccumulation and chemical partitioning, especially related to aquatic toxicity testing of poorly water soluble substances.
Regulatory work is another important aspect of my work. Here the ambition is to improve the scientific basis of risk assessment and management and to strengthen the protection of the environment against harmful effects of chemicals. I have also been an international project leader for the development and validation of a proposal for a harpacticoid copepod development and reproduction OECD test guideline.

Latest scientific papers

Variability in Toxicity of Plastic Leachates as a Function of Weathering and Polymer Type: A Screening Study with the Copepod Nitocra spinipes

2021 | Biol. Bull. | 240 (3) (191-199)

Chemical requirements in Swedish municipal green public procurement: Challenges and opportunities

Wendt-Rasch, L; Holmberg, L; Hagerman, H; Breitholtz, M; Ekman, E; Ruden, C
2021 | J. Clean. Prod. | 299

Bioaccumulation Potential of CPs in Aquatic Organisms: Uptake and Depuration in Daphnia magna

Castro, M.; Sobek, A.; Yuan, B.; Breitholtz, M
2019 | Environ. Sci. Technol. | 53 (9533-9541)

Partitioning of Chlorinated Paraffins (CPs) to Daphnia magna Overlaps between Restricted and in-Use Categories

2018 | Environ. Sci. Technol. | 52 (9713-9721)

Passive dosing of triclosan in multi-generation tests with copepods – stable exposure concentrations and effects at the low µg L-1 range

Ribbenstedt, A.; Mustajärvi, L.; Breitholtz, M.; Gorokhova, E.; Mayer, P.; Sobek, A.
2017 | Environ. Toxicol. Chem.

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Exposure & Effects

Exposure and effects of chemical contaminants on living organisms.