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Response to the letter to the editor by Rasmussen and Mech, 2014. Better understanding of the EU regulatory frameworks for cosmetic products

Sobek, A.; Bejgarn, S.; Rudén, C.; Molander, L.; Breitholtz, M.
2014 | Sci. Total Environ. | 479-480 (326-326)

A field test study of airborne wear particles from a running regional train

Abbasi, S.; Olander, L.; Larsson, C.; Olofsson, U.; Jansson, A.; Sellgren, U.
2012 | Proc Inst Mech Eng G J Aerosp Eng | 226 (95-109)

Are chemicals in articles an obstacle for reaching environmental goals? — Missing links in EU chemical management

Molander, L.; Breitholtz, M.; Andersson, P.L.; Rybacka, A.; Rudén, C.
2012 | Sci. Total Environ. (280-289)

A pin-on-disc study of the rate of airborne wear particle emissions from railway braking materials

Abbasi, S.; Jansson, A.; Olander, L.; Olofsson, U.; Sellgren, U.
2012 | Wear | 284-285 (18-29)

Ultrafine Particle Formation from Wear

Jansson, A.; Olander, L.; Olofsson, U.; Sund, J.; Söderberg, A.; Wahlström, J.
2010 | Int. J. Vent. | 9 (1) (83-88)

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