Kerstin Winkens

Recently graduated
Room: T526
Phone: +46 8 674 7154

PhD project description

The overall aim of my PhD study is to quantify and qualify children’s multiple exposure pathways to perfluoroalkyl acids and their precursors. We collaborate with the Institute of Health and Welfare in Kuopio, Finland. All available specimens from their ongoing birth cohort study LUKAS 2 as well as some additional samples are going to be extracted, pre-cleaned and then chemically analysed. Perfluoroalkyl acids (PFAAs) and their precursors will be qualified and quantified by LC-MS/MS and GC-MS. A mass balance model is going to be developed and should depict the study results regarding the external and internal concentrations for the children. To better understand and quantify the metabolism and excretion of PFASs and their precursors, urine samples will be analysed along serum. All in all, this should further elucidate the multiple pathways of children’s exposure during childhood to perfluoroalkyl acids and their precursors. The results of this study could help guide informed regulation and managing strategies for PFASs.

Latest scientific papers

Early life exposure to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs): A critical review

Winkens, K.; Vestergren, R.; Berger, U.; Cousins, I.T.
2017 | Emerging Contaminants | 3 (55-68)

Perfluoroalkyl acids and their precursors in indoor air sampled in children’s bedrooms

Winkens, K.; Koponen, J.; Schuster, J.; Shoeib, M.; Vestergren, R.; Berger, U.; Karvonen, A.M.; Pekkanen, J.; Kiviranta, H.; Cousins, I.T.
2017 | Environ. Pollut. | 222 (423-432)

Determination of the CYP1A-inducing potential of single substances, mixtures and extracts of samples in the micro-EROD assay with H4IIE cells

Andreas Schiwy; Markus Brinkmann; Ines Thiem; Gabriele Guder; Kerstin Winkens; Kathrin Eichbaum; Leonie Nüßer; Beat Thalmann; Sebastian Buchinger; Georg Reifferscheid; Thomas-Benjamin Seiler; Brigitte Thoms; Henner Hollert
2015 | Nat Protoc | 10 (1728-1741)

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