Kathryn Sparrow

Guest researcher/Post doc
Room: R511
Phone: +46 8 674 7723

Research Interests

My research investigates the fate of methane released from ancient carbon stored in Arctic Ocean shelf sediments. I seek to understand the strength of source/sink processes that determine how much methane is emitted from shelf hydrates and permafrost to the atmosphere.  Natural abundance radiocarbon and stable isotope measurements of methane are the primary tools I use to assess the role of ancient carbon sources in acting as a positive feedback to ongoing climate change.

Latest scientific papers

Dissolved methane and carbon dioxide fluxes in Subarctic and Arctic regions: Assessing measurement techniques and spatial gradients

Garcia-Tigreros Kodovska, F., K. J. Sparrow, S. A. Yvon-Lewis, A. Paytan, N. T. Dimova, A. L. Lecher, and J. D. Kessler
2016 | Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. | 436 (43-55)

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How human activities affect natural processes that drive the major biogeochemical cycles that ultimately govern the composition of the environment.