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Nanoparticles in work environment

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Inter-comparison of personal monitors for nanoparticles exposure at workplaces and in the environment

Todea, A. M.; Beckmann, S; Kaminski, H.; Bard, D.; Bau, B.; Clavaguera, S.; Dahmann, D.; Dozol, H.; Dziurowitz, N.; Elihn, K.; Fierz, M.; Lidén, G.; Meyer-Plath, A.; Monz, C.; Neumann, V.; Pelzer, J.; Simonow, B. K.; Thali, P.; Tuinman, I.; van der Vleuten, A.; Vroomen, H.; Christof Asbach, C.
2017 | Sci. Total Environ. | 605-606 (929-945)

Lung function in asphalt workers: a longitudinal study

Bente Ulvestad; Britt Grethe Randem; Øyvind Skare; Trond Mogens Aaloekken; Georg Karl Myranek; Karine Elihn; May Brit Lund
2017 | Int Arch Occup Environ Health | 90 (1) (63-71)

In vitro genotoxicity of airborne Ni-NP in air-liquid interface

Siiri Latvala; Daniel Vare; Hanna L. Karlsson; Karine Elihn
2017 | J Appl Toxicol | doi 10.1002/jat.3510

Surface passivity largely governs the bioaccessibility of nickel-based powder particles at human exposure conditions

Hedberg, Y. S.; Herting, G.; Latvala, S.; Elihn, K.; Karlsson, H. L.; Odnevall Wallinder, I.
2016 | Regul. Toxicol. Pharmacol. | 81 (162-170)

Nickel Release, ROS generation and Toxicity of Ni and NiO Micro- and Nanoparticles

Siri Latvala; Jonas Hedberg; Sebastiano Di Bucchianico; Lennart Möller; Inger Odnevall Wallinder; Karine Elihn; Hanna Karlsson
2016 | PLoS ONE | 11 (7) (1-20)

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