Jonathan Martin

Room: C314
Phone: +46 (0)72 146 2773

Research Interests and Activities

My research program focuses on the exposome and on the development of methods to measure it, which we call exposomics. We combine elements of environmental analytical chemistry and informatics to understand the wide range of environmental contaminants in the environment and in our bodies. Through toxicology and epidemiological studies we also aim to understand the adverse impacts these exposures have on healthIn particular I’m interested in early-life exposures to organic contaminants that may alter the developmental of humans or wildlife.

My research group has developed the Ultratrace Non-Target Laboratory (UNTARGET Lab) at Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) which houses ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometers for discovery of important new chemical contaminants in air, water, and human biofluids. The surrounding research environment at SciLifeLab specializes in genomics, epigenomics, proteomics, functional biology, bioimaging, and biostatistics, creating great possibilities to investigate our questions using best-available biomolecular technologies and methods.

I completed my doctoral degree in toxicology at University of Guelph in 2002, and then trained in environmental chemistry at University of Toronto as a postdoctoral fellow in 2003. I was awarded an NSERC fellowship to continue my postdoctoral training in pharmaceutical sciences at University of Toronto in 2004. I then worked as a Professor at University of Alberta from 2004-2016, and moved to Stockholm University and SciLifeLab in 2017.  My research group’s publications are accessible on Google Scholar and have been ‘Highly Cited’ (Thomson Reuters, 2014). I’m an elected member of the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists. Since 2020 I have served as Associate Editor for Environmental Science & Technology Letters.

Current Postdoctoral Fellows:

Dr. Stefano Papazian

Dr. Benilde Bonnefille

Dr. Jean Froment

Current PhD Students:

Kalliroi Sdougkou

Hongyu Xie

May-Britt Rian

Former Colleagues:

Dr. Lisa D’Agostino

Dr. Ioannis Sadiktsis


Latest scientific papers

Nontarget mass spectrometry and in silico molecular characterization of air pollution from the Indian subcontinent

Papazian, S; D'Agostino, LA; Sadiktsis, I; Froment, J; Bonnefille, B; Sdougkou, K; Xie, HY; Athanassiadis, I; Budhavant, K; Dasari, S; Andersson, A; Gustafsson, O; Martin, JW
2022 | Commun. Earth Environ. | 3 (1)

Defining the Scope of Exposome Studies and Research Needs from a Multidisciplinary Perspective

Zhang, P; Carlsten, C; Chaleckis, R; Hanhineva, K; Huang, MN; Isobe, T; Koistinen, VM; Meister, I; Papazian, S; Sdougkou, K; Xie, HY; Martin, JW; Rappaport, SM; Tsugawa, H; Walker, DI; Woodruff, TJ; Wright, RO; Wheelock, CE
2021 | Environ. Sci. Technol. Lett. | 8 (10) (839-852)

Revisiting old lessons from classic literature on persistent global pollutants This article belongs to Ambio’s 50th Anniversary Collection. Theme: Environmental contaminants

2021 | Ambio | 50 (3) (534-538)

Interaction of prenatal bisphenols, maternal nutrients, and toxic metal exposures on neurodevelopment of 2-year-olds in the APrON cohort

Liu, JY; Martin, LJ; Dinu, I; Field, CJ; Dewey, D; Martin, JW
2021 | Environ Int | 155

Nontarget analysis reveals gut microbiome-dependent differences in the fecal PCB metabolite profiles of germ-free and conventional mice

Li, XS; Liu, YN; Martin, JW; Cui, JY; Lehmler, HJ
2021 | Environ. Pollut. | 268

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