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About me

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My research deals with the life-cycle of atmospheric aerosols and
their interactions with clouds.


There are two main motivations for studying aerosols and clouds.
One, there is a concern that particles, especially in urban areas, are
harmful to humans. Two, aerosols is a very important component in our
climate system and any changes in the properties of the aerosol may affect the
climate. The importance of aerosols, in terms of an impact on the climate, is on
the same scale as the greenhouse effect by increasing carbon dioxide.


Particles are formed, transformed and eventually removed from the
atmosphere. The processes controlling these steps of the life-cycle are what we
study. We do this by simulating processes in numerical models or observing
aerosol and cloud properties at different locations and environments around the
world covering the altitude range from the ocean surface up to, and even into,
the stratosphere using aircraft.  Often our research is conducted as part of
international projects.



My own honest motivation for studying aerosols and clouds is
simply because I’m curious about how it all works. Think of it, an aerosol is so
small that it is barely visible in a microscope, but yet it influences cloud
systems so large that they can only be seen in its entire from space.

Latest scientific papers

Composition, isotopic fingerprint and source attribution of nitrate deposition from rain and fog at a Sub-Arctic Mountain site in Central Sweden (Mt Åreskutan)

Carmen P. Vega, E. Monica Mårtensson, Ulla Wideqvist, Jan Kaiser, Paul Zieger, Johan Ström
2019 | Tellus Ser. B-Chem. Phys. Meteorol.

Interactions between the atmosphere, cryosphere and ecosystems at northern high latitudes

Michael Boy; Erik S. Thomson; Juan-C. Acosta Navarro; Olafur Amalds; Ekaterina Batchvarova; Jaana K. Bäck; Frank Berninger; Merete Bilde; Pavla Dagsson Waldhuserova; Dimistri Castaréde; Maryam Dalirian; Gerrit de Leeuw; Monika Wittman; Ella-Maria Duplissy (nèe Kyrö); J. Duplissy; A. M. L. Ekman; Keyan Fang; Jean-Charlet Gallet; Marianne Glasius; Sven-Erik Gryning; Henrik Grythe; Hans-Christen Hansson; Margareta Hansson; Elisabeth Isaksson; Trond Iverson; Ingibjörg Jónsdottir; Ville Kasurinen; Alf Kirkevåg; Atte Korhola; Radovan Krejci; Jon Egill Kristjansson; Hanna K. Lappalainen; Antti Lauri; Matti Leppäranta; Heikki Livhvainen: Risto Makkonon; Andreas Massling; Outi Meinander; E Douglas Nilsson; Haraldur Ólofsson; Jan B. C. Pettersson; Nonne L. Prisle; Ilona Riipinen; Pontus Roldin; Meri Ruppel; Matt Edward Salter; Maria Sand; Ovind Seland; Heikki Seppä; Henrik Skov; Joanna Soares; Andreas Stohl; Johan Ström; Jonas Svensson; Erik Swietlicki; Ksenia Tabakova; Thorstur Torsteinsson; Aki Virkula; Gesa A. Weyhenmeyer; Yusheng Wu; Paul Zieger; Markku Kulmala
2019 | Atmos. Chem. Phys. | 19 (2015-2061)

Cloud droplet activation of black carbon particles with organic compounds of varying solubility

Dalirian, M.; Ylisirnio, A.; Buchholz, A.; Schlesinger, D.; Strom, J.; Virtanen, A.; Riipinen, I.
2018 | Atmos. Chem. Phys. | 18 (12477-12489)

Light-absorption of dust and elemental carbon in snow in the Indian Himalayas and the Finnish Arctic

Svensson, J.; Strom, J.; Kivekas, N.; Dkhar, NB.; Tyal, S.; Sharman, VP.; Jutila, A.; Backman, J.; Virkkula, A.; Ruppel, M.; Hyverinen, A.; Kontu, A.; Hannula, HR.; Lepparanta, M.; Hooda, RK.; Korhola, A.; Asmi, E.; Lihavainen, H.
2018 | Atmos. Meas. Tech. | 11 (1403-1416)

Analytically tractable climate–carbon cycle feedbacks under 21st century anthropogenic forcing

Lade, S. J.; Donges, J. F.; Fetzer, I.; Anderies, J. M.; Beer, C.; Cornell, S. E.; Gasser, T.; Norberg, J.; Richardson, K.; Rockström, J.; Steffen, W.
2018 | Earth Syst. Dynam. | 9 (507-523)

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