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BMAA in shellfish from two Portuguese transitional water bodies suggests the marine dinoflagellate Gymnodinium catenatum as a potential BMAA source

Lage, S; Costa, PR; Moita, T; Eriksson, J; Rasmussen, U; Rydberg, SJ
2014 | Aquat. Toxicol. | 152 (131-138)

Diatoms: a novel source for the neurotoxin BMAA in aquatic environments

L. Jiang, Eriksson J, Lage S, Jonasson S, Shams S, Mehine M, L. Ilag, Rasmussen U
2014 | 9(1)

Reductive debromination of nonabrominated diphenyl ethers by sodium borohydride and identification of octabrominated diphenyl ether products

Granelli, L; Eriksson, J; Athanasiadou, M; Bergman, A
2011 | Chemosphere | 82 (839-846)

Analytical protocol for identification of BMAA and DAB in biologicalsamples

Z. Spacil, Eriksson J, Jonasson S, Rasmussen U, L. Ilag, Bergman B
2010 | 135 (127-132)

Transfer of a cyanobacterial neurotoxin within a temperate aquatic ecosystem suggests pathways for human exposure

Jonasson S, Eriksson J, Berntzon L, Z. Spacil, L. Ilag, Ronnevi L, et al
2010 | 107(20) (9252-9257)

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