Jenny Aasa

Recently graduated
Room: C316
Phone: +46 8 16 2018

About me

I have a long experience (10 years) from drug metabolism research where my expertise was mainly in vitro metabolism and enzymology. Focus was to build and develop this field within the department and to support drug projects with expertise.

I started at Stockholm Univeristy as a PhD student in the autumn 2013 in the “risk group” within Environmental chemistry. Here, my research project aims at evaluating an approach for cancer risk estimation of genotoxic carcinogens that appear in food. The approach is based on a relative cancer risk model, AUC of the genotoxic agent and the relative genotoxic potency. Genotoxicity will be studied in HPRT mutation tests (in vitro) and micronucleus tests (in vivo). The AUC in the experiments will be measured by trapping the electrophiles with the nucleophile cob(I)alamin (in vitro) and from hemoglobin adducts (in vivo).


Exposure & Effects

Exposure and effects of chemical contaminants on living organisms.