Javier Zurita Perez

Recently graduated
Room: A333
Phone: +46 8 16 2432

Staff Personal

I took my degree in environmental chemistry at Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 2009 and started working as researcher at the Department of Analytical Chemistry of the institution. My investigation project at that time included detection and separation of chiral compounds, mainly herbicides. In 2010 I became part of the spanish institution for food technology and nutrition (ICTAN), in which I was given the opportunity to make research on food analysis. Since 2013 I am PhD student at the Department of Analytical Chemistry in Stockholm University. My research includes detection and identification of transformations of amino acids.

Other personal interests besides science are Irish folk music and Belgian trappist beer (my personal favorite is Achel).

Staff Research

Detection and identification of transformations of amino acids in model proteins, which could act as a biomarker for exposure to xenobiotics. The specific aim is to investigate the possibility to detect and identify those transformations by mass spectrometry. The investigated methodology may provide the basis to be able to monitor in vivo modifications of proteins after exposure to different reactive chemicals, such as those linked to allergies or cancer.

Staff Specialties

Bioanalytical chemistry, food chemistry, environmental chemistry

Analytical Chemistry

Analyzing organic chemicals: Basic research in method development and environmental / bioanalytical applications.