Jannik Martens

PhD student
Room: R501
Phone: +46 816 2437

Historical and geospatial variations of translocated permafrost carbon in Circum-Arctic Shelf Sediments

My scientific interest is in Arctic environmental change, focusing on permafrost stability and thawing in the past and present. My current research projects are:

  • Historical permafrost carbon remobilization from the Siberian Arctic during the last deglaciation, the transition from the last glacial to the current interglacial, using molecular (terrigenous biomarkers) and isotopic analysis (δ13C, Δ14C) of organic carbon in sediment cores from the Arctic Ocean.
  • Development of the first Circum-Arctic shelf sediment carbon database (CASSCADE) for assessing sources, transport, distribution and stock of terrigenous organic matter in Arctic shelf sediments
  • Isolation and 14C analysis of terrigenous biomarkers (n-alkanoic acids, n-alkanes) from Arctic shelf sediments

I am also active member and currently Vice President for the Permafrost Young Researcher Network – PYRN (https://pyrn.arcticportal.org).

Latest scientific papers

Remobilization of old permafrost carbon to Chukchi Sea sediments during the end of the last deglaciation

Jannik Martens; Birgit Wild; Christof Pearce; Tommaso Tesi; August Andersson; Lisa Bröder; Matt O'Regan; Martin Jakobsson; Martin Sköld; Laura Gemery; Thomas M. Cronin; Igor Semiletov; Oleg V. Dudarev; Örjan Gustafsson
2019 | Global Biogeochem Cycles | 33

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How human activities affect natural processes that drive the major biogeochemical cycles that ultimately govern the composition of the environment.