Ioannis Sadiktsis

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Room: A323
Phone: +46 8 16 2439

Staff Personal

I started as a PhD student at the department in June 2011 under the supervision of Roger Westerholm. Previously I completed my MSc in analytical chemistry at the department. My thesis involved utilizing passive samplers for quantitative analysis of pesticides in water. As of September 2012 I have been one of the webmasters for the department’s homepage together with Jonas Rutberg.

Staff Research

My research is on traffic related pollution – which is focused on, but not limited to, particulate associated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) originating from vehicular emissions. The subject area includes non-exhaust particulates from tire tread wear and tail pipe emissions. My work also includes quantitative analysis of PAHs in urban air.

Latest scientific papers

Time-resolved analysis of particle emissions from residential biomass combustion – Emissions of refractory black carbon, PAHs and organic tracers

Ingeborg E. Nielsen; Axel C. Eriksson; Robert Lindgren; Johan Martinsson; Robin Nyström; Erik Z. Nordin; Ioannis Sadiktsis; Christoffer Boman; Jacob K. Nøjgaard; Joakim Pagels
2017 | Atmos Environ | In press, Accepted Manuscript

Physical and chemical properties of RME biodiesel exhaust particles without engine modifications

Nyström, R.; Sadiktsis, I.; Ahmed, T.M.; Westerholm, R.; Koegler, J.H.; Blomberg, A.; Sandström, T.; Boman, C.
2016 | Fuel | 186 (261-269)

Removal of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and genotoxic compounds in urban air using air filter materials for mechanical ventilation in buildings

Sadiktsis, I.; Nilsson, G.; Johansson, U.; Rannug, U.; Westerholm, R.
2016 | Sci technol built env | 22 (3) (346-355)

Effect of wood smoke exposure on vascular function and thrombus formation in healthy fire fighters

Amanda L Hunter; Jon Unosson; Jenny A Bosson; Jeremy P Langrish; Jamshid Pourazar; Jennifer B Raftis; Mark R Miller; Andrew J Lucking; Christoffer Boman; Robin Nyström; Kenneth Donaldson; Andrew D Flapan; Anoop SV Shah; Louis Pung; Ioannis Sadiktsis; Silvia Masala; Roger Westerholm; Thomas Sandström; Anders Blomberg; David E Newby; Nicholas L Mills
2014 | Part Fibre Toxicol | 11 (62)

Class separation of lipids and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in normal phase High Performance Liquid Chromatography – A prospect for analysis of aromatics in edible vegetable oils and biodiesel exhaust particulates

Olsson, P; Sadiktsis, I.; Holmbäck, J.; Westerholm, R.
2014 | J. Chromatogr. A | 1360 (39-46)

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