Hitesh Motwani

Room: C320a
Phone: +46-727453210

Docent/Associate professor

My research interest is on the use of advanced mass spectrometry techniques to improve the understanding of biological responses at molecular level from impact of environmental stressors. A major focus has been on studying genotoxic and nongenotoxic modifications of the DNA and investigating if they are associated with mechanisms of toxicity for developmental and reproductive disorders.

Latest scientific papers

Pathways to Identify Electrophiles In Vivo Using Hemoglobin Adducts: Hydroxypropanoic Acid Valine Adduct and Its Possible Precursors

Vryonidis, E; Karlsson, I; Aasa, J; Carlsson, H; Motwani, HV; Pedersen, M; Eriksson, J; Törnqvist M
2022 | Chem. Res. Toxicol. | 35 (12) (2227-2240)

Detection of Benzo[a]pyrene Diol Epoxide Adducts to Histidine and Lysine in Serum Albumin In Vivo by High-Resolution-Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Zurita, J; Motwani, HV; Ilag, LL; Souliotis, VL; Kyrtopoulos, SA; Nilsson, U; Törnqvist, M
2022 | Toxics | 10 (1)

nLossFinder-A Graphical User Interface Program for the Nontargeted Detection of DNA Adducts

Sousa, PFM; Martella, G; Aberg, KM; Esfahani, B; Motwani, HV
2021 | Toxics | 9 (4)

DNA as an in vitro trapping agent for detection of bulky genotoxic metabolites

2020 | J. Chromatogr. B | 1152 (122276)

DNA epigenetic marks are linked to embryo aberrations in amphipods

Gorokhova, E; Martella, G; Motwani, HN; Tretyakova, N; Sundelin, B; Motwani, HV
2020 | Sci Rep | 10:665

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