Hanna Gustavsson

Technical personnel
Room: V514
Phone: +46 8 16 4142
Mobile: +46 70 1610340

Chemical Safety Advisor and Lab Safety Coordinator

When starting to work at Stockholm University, my work concerned the analysis of PCBs and PAHs in aquatic systems. I later moved on to the analysis of thiamine (vitamin B1) in tissues. Today my time is spent on Lab Safety issues both on department and faculty levels.

Risk assessment of hazardous work is the cornerstone of my work. I lecture on this topic on department, faculty, and national level.

I am the chair of Stockholm University’s Lab safety network. We aim to support our home departments through sharing knowledge, routines and experiences. I am also one of the founders of the national Academic Laboratory Safety Network (ALN).

Latest scientific papers

Thiamine deficiency impairs common eider (Somateria mollissima) reproduction in the field

Mörner, T.; Hansson, T.; Carlsson, L.; Berg, A.-L.; Ruiz Muñoz, Y.; Gustavsson, H.; Mattsson, R.; Balk, L.
2017 | Sci Rep | 7 (14451) (1-7)

Widespread episodic thiamine deficiency in Northern Hemisphere wildlife

Balk, L.; Hägerroth, P.-Å.; Gustavsson, H.; Sigg, L.; Åkerman, G.; Ruiz Muñoz, Y.; Honeyfield, D.C.; Tjärnlund, U.; Oliveira, K.; Ström, K.; McCormick, S.D.; Karlsson, S.; Ström, M.; van Manen, M.; Berg, A.-L.; Halldórsson, H.; Strömquist, J.; Collier, T.K.; Börjeson, H.; Mörner, T.; Hansson, T.
2016 | Sci Rep | 6 (38821) (1-13)

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