Elena Gorokhova

Room: X509
Phone: +46 8 674 7341

Research interests

• Integrating responses across levels of biological organization;

• Biological mechanisms of stress and ecosystem consequences;

• Ecophysiology and genetics of growth in aquatic organisms;

• Role of oxidative stress in life-history trade-offs;

• Ecological stoichiometry and biogeochemistry of essential nutrients;

• Food web ecology and trophic interactions;

• Ecology of Baltic Sea zooplankton and long-term plankton dynamics (responsible for Swedish national monitoring of zooplankton, chairlady of Zooplankton Expert Network/HELCOM);

• Development and application of indicators for ecological status assessment.

Latest scientific papers

Association between Aquatic Micropollutant Dissipation and River Sediment Bacterial Communities

Coll, C.; Bier, R.; Li, Z.; Langenheder, S.; Gorokhova, E.; Sobek, A.
2020 | Environ. Sci. Technol. | 54 (22) (14380-14392)

Influence of Arctic Microlayers and Algal Cultures on Sea Spray Hygroscopicity and the Possible Implications for Mixed‐Phase Clouds

Sigurd Christiansen; Luisa Ickes; Ines Bulatovic; Caroline Leck; Benjamin J Murray; Allan K Bertram; Robert Wagner; Elena Gorokhova; Matthew E Salter; Annica ML Ekman; Merete Bilde
2020 | J. Geophys. Res.-Atmos. | 125

The ice-nucleating activity of Arctic sea surface microlayer samples and marine algal cultures

Luisa Ickes; Grace CE Porter; Robert Wagner; Michael P Adams; Sascha Bierbauer; Allan K Bertram; Merete Bilde; Sigurd Christiansen; Annica ML Ekman; Elena Gorokhova; Kristina Höhler; Alexei A Kiselev; Caroline Leck; Ottmar Möhler; Benjamin J Murray; Thea Schiebel; Romy Ullrich; Matthew E Salter
2020 | Atmos. Chem. Phys. | 20

DNA epigenetic marks are linked to embryo aberrations in amphipods

Gorokhova, E; Martella, G; Motwani, HN; Tretyakova, N; Sundelin, B; Motwani, HV
2020 | Sci Rep | 10:665

Sea Spray Aerosol Formation: Laboratory Results on the Role of Air Entrainment, Water Temperature, and Phytoplankton Biomass

Sigurd Christiansen; Matthew E Salter; Elena Gorokhova; Quynh T Nguyen; Merete Bilde
2019 | Environ. Sci. Technol. | 53

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