Dennis Lindqvist

Room: C310
Phone: +46 8 16 3995

Research field

My work is focused on halogenated pollutants and their metabolites, as well as naturally produced halogenated aromatic compounds.

Latest scientific papers

Biosynthesis of hydroxylated polybrominated diphenyl ethers and the correlation with photosynthetic pigments in the red alga Ceramium tenuicorne

2017 | Phytochemistry | 133 (51-58)

Trophic transfer of naturally produced brominated aromatic compounds in a Baltic Sea food chain

Dahlgren, E; Lindqvist, D; Dahlgren, H; Asplund, L; Lehtila, K
2016 | Chemosphere | 144 (1597-1604)

Evaluation of factors influencing accumulation of stable Sr and Cs in lake and coastal fish

Konovalenko, L; Bradshaw, C; Andersson, E; Lindqvist, D; Kautsky, U
2016 | J Environ Radioact | 160 (64-79)

Induced production of brominated aromatic compounds in the alga Ceramium tenuicorne

Dahlgren, E; Enhus, C; Lindqvist, D; Eklund, B; Asplund, L
2015 | Environ Sci Pollut Res | 22 (22) (18107-18114)

Lipid-soluble conjugates of hydroxylated polybrominated diphenyl ethers in blue mussels from the Baltic Sea

2014 | Environ Sci Pollut Res | 21 (2) (954-961)

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