David Segersson

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Modelling urban cyclists exposure to black carbon particles using high spatiotemporal data A statistical approach

Krecl, P.; Cipoli Y. A.; Targino A. C.; Toloto M. O.; Segersson, D.; Parra A.; Polezer G.; Godoi R. H. M.; Gidhagen L.
2019 | Sci. Total Environ. (115-125)

Long-term exposure to particulate air pollution, black carbon and their source components in relation to ischemic heart disease and stroke

Ljungman, P.L.S.; Andersson, N.; Stockfelt, L.; Andersson, E.M.; Nilsson Sommar, J.; Eneroth, K.; Gidhagen, L.; Johansson, C.; Lager, A.; Leander, K.; Molnar, P.; Pedersen, N.L.; Rizzuto, D.; Rosengren, A.; Segersson, D.; Wennberg, P.; Barregard, L.; Forsberg, B.; Sallsten, G.; Bellander, T.; Pershagen, G.
2019 | Environ. Health Perspect. | 127 (10)

Integrated Urban Services for European cities: the Stockholm case

Amorim J. H.; Asker C.; Belusic D.; Carvalho A. C.; Engardt M.; Gidhagen L.; Hundecha Y.; Körnich H.; Lind P.; Olsson E.; Olsson J.; Segersson, D.; Strömbäck L.
2018 | Bull. World Health Organ. | 67 (2) (33-40)

Association between air pollution from residential wood burning and dementia incidence in a longitudinal study in Northern Sweden

Oudin, A.; Segersson, D.; Adolfsson, R.; Forsberg, B.
2018 | PLoS ONE | 13 (6)

Health Impact of PM10, PM2.5 and Black Carbon Exposure Due to Different Source Sectors in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Umea, Sweden.

Segersson, D.; Eneroth, K.; Gidhagen, L.; Johansson, C.; Omstedt, G.; Nylén A.E.; Forsberg, B.
2017 | Int J Environ Res Public Health | 14 (7)

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