Claudia Mohr

Assistant professor
Room: V201
Phone: +46 8 674 7549

My research

“We may, however, look to the experiments for facts from which to reason, and for processes which will enable us to understand the grander workings of nature.”

John Aitken, “On dust, fogs, and clouds”, Nature, 1880

My main research interest are atmospheric aerosols: Tiny airborne particles with huge impacts on climate and air quality – two topics that are of imminent importance for society and the environment. Aerosols are at the interface of the different spheres of the planet and the different phases in the atmosphere, and thus key to understanding biogeochemical processes. The characterization of the chemical composition of (organic) aerosol particles and organic trace gases by means of advanced mass spectrometric techniques, and the investigation of their sources, formation and transformation processes, and fate in the atmosphere in the field and laboratory, lie at the heart of my research.

Latest scientific papers

Physical and chemical properties of aerosol particles and cloud residuals on Mt. Åreskutan in Central Sweden during summer 2014

Emelie Linnéa Graham; Paul Zieger; Claudia Mohr; Ulla Wideqvist; Tabea Hennig; Annica M. L. Ekman; Radovan Krejci; Johan Ström; lona Riipinen
2020 | Tellus Ser. B-Chem. Phys. Meteorol. | 72 (1) (1-16)

Resolving Ambient Organic Aerosol Formation and Aging Pathways with Simultaneous Molecular Composition and Volatility Observations

Lee, B; D'Ambro, EL; Lopez-Hilfiker, FD; Schobesberger, S; Mohr, C; Zawadowicz, MA; Liu, JM; Shilling, JE; Hu, WW; Palm, BB; Jimenez, JL; Hao, LQ; Virtanen, A; Zhang, HF; Goldstein, AH; Pye, HOT; Thornton, JA
2020 | ACS EARTH AND SPACE CHEMISTRY | 4 (3) (391-402)

On the fate of oxygenated organic molecules in atmospheric aerosol particles

Pospisilova, V; Lopez-Hilfiker, FD; Bell, DM; El Haddad, I; Mohr, C; Huang, W; Heikkinen, L; Xiao, M; Dommen, J; Prevot, ASH; Baltensperger, U; Slowik, JG
2020 | Sci. Adv. | 6 (11)

Deconvolution of FIGAERO-CIMS thermal desorption profiles using positive matrix factorisation to identify chemical and physical processes during particle evaporation

Buchholz, A; Ylisirnio, A; Huang, W; Mohr, C; Canagaratna, M; Worsnop, D; Schobesberger, S; Virtanen, A
2020 | Atmos. Chem. Phys. | 20 (13) (7693-7716)

Composition and volatility of secondary organic aerosol (SOA) formed from oxidation of real tree emissions compared to simplified volatile organic compound (VOC) systems

Ylisirnio, A; Buchholz, A; Mohr, C; Li, ZJ; Barreira, L; Lambe, A; Faiola, C; Kari, E; Yli-Juuti, T; Nizkorodov, SA; Worsnop, DR; Virtanen, A; Schobesberger, S
2020 | Atmos. Chem. Phys. | 20 (9) (5629-5644)

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