Christoph Humborg

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Description of research activities

Baltic Sea biogeochemistry
A first research focus deals with the biogeochemistry of the Baltic Sea and its catchment by means of field studies and modelling studies. We address nutrient retention in various estuaries of the Baltic, investigate large scale phosphorus and oxygen dynamics in the Baltic Sea, estimate the environmental status of the Baltic sea some hundred years ago. Moreover, we develop a catchment model simulating simultaneously the nutrient land-sea fluxes from all 105 major watersheds within the Baltic Sea drainage area. The model has been used for the formulation of the Baltic Sea Action Plan (BSAP).

Latest scientific papers

Sea-air exchange patterns along the central and outer East Siberian Arctic Shelf as inferred from continuous CO2, stable isotope and bulk chemistry measurements

Christoph Humborg; Marc C. Geibel; Leif G. Anderson; Göran Björk; Carl-Magnus Mörth; Marcus Sundbom; Brett F. Thornton; Barbara Deutsch; Erik Gustafsson; Bo Gustafsson; Jörgen Ek; Igor P. Semiletov
2017 | Global Biogeochem Cycles | 31 (7) (1173-1193)

Export of calcium carbonate corrosive waters from the East Siberian Sea

Leif G. Anderson; Jörgen Ek; Ylva Ericson; Christoph Humborg; Igor Semiletov; Marcus Sundbom; Adam Ulfsbo
2017 | Biogeosciences | 14 (1811-1823)

Catchment-scale carbon exports across a subarctic landscape gradient

Giesler, R.; Lyon, S.W.; Mörth, C.M.; Karlsson, J.; Jantze, E.J.; Destouni, G.; Humborg, C.
2014 | Biogeosciences | 11 (525-537)

Future Nutrient Load Scenarios for the Baltic Sea Due to Climate and Lifestyle Changes

Eriksson Hägg, H; Lyon, S.W.; Wällstedt, T.; Mörth, C.-M.; Claremar, B.; Humborg, C.
2014 | Ambio | 43 (337-351)

Reduction of Baltic Sea Nutrient Inputs and Allocation of Abatement Costs Within the Baltic Sea Catchment

Wulff, F.; Humborg, C.; Andersen, H.E.; Blicher-Mathiesen, G.; Czajkowski, M.; Elofsson, E.; Fonnesbech-Wulff, A.; Hasler, B.; Hong, B.; Jansons, V.; Mörth, C.-M.; Smart, J.C.R.; Smedberg, E.; Stålnacke, P.; Swaney, D-P.; Thodsen, H.; Was, A.; Zylicz, T.
2014 | Ambio | 43 (11-25)

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How human activities affect natural processes that drive the major biogeochemical cycles that ultimately govern the composition of the environment.