Christer Johansson

Room: V215
Phone: +46 8 674 7276
Mobile: +46761228931

Research field

Urban air pollution and the associations between air pollutants and human health. Emissions of air pollutants, source-receptor modelling, modelling of air pollutants using meteorological dispersion models, gas- particle transformation and partitioning, atmospheric photochemical processes, removal processes (dry and wet deposition), assessment of urban planning on air quality (present and future scenarios).

Latest scientific papers

Toxicity and health effects of ultrafine particles: Towards an understanding of the relative impacts of different transport modes

Vallabani, N.V.S; Gruzieva, O.; Elihn, K.; Juárez-Facio, A.T.; Steimer, S.S.; Kuhn, J.; Silvergren, S.; Portugal, J.; Piña, B.; Olofsson, U.; Johansson, C.; Karlsson, H.L.
2023 | Environ. Res.

A yearlong monitoring campaign of polycyclic aromatic compounds and other air pollutants at three sites in Sweden: Source identification, in vitro toxicity and human health risk assessment

Sadiktsis, I.; de Oliveira Galvão, M.F.; Mustafa, M.; Toublanc, M.; Endirlik, B.U.; Silvergren, S.; Johansson, C.; Dreij, K.
2023 | Chemosphere

Improving 3-day deterministic air pollution forecasts using machine learning algorithms

Johansson, C.; Zhang, Z.; Engardt, M., Stafoggia, M. and Ma, X.
2023 | Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss.

Contribution of wood burning to exposures of PAHs and oxy-PAHs in Eastern Sweden

Lim, H.; Silvergren, S.; Spinicci, S.; Mashayekhy, F.; Nilsson, U.; Westerholm, R.; Johansson, C.
2022 | Atmos. Chem. Phys.

Earth observation: An integral part of a smart and sustainable city

Gerasopoulos, E.; Bailey, J.; Athanasopoulou, E.; Speyer, O.; Kocman, A.; Raudner, A.; Tsouni, A.; Kontoes, H.; Johansson, C.; Georgiadis, C.; Matthias, V.; Kussul, N.; Aquilino, M.; Paasonen, P.
2022 | Environmental Science and Policy | 132 (296-307)

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