Christer Johansson

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Research field

Urban air pollution and the associations between air pollutants and human health. Emissions of air pollutants, source-receptor modelling, modelling of air pollutants using meteorological dispersion models, gas- particle transformation and partitioning, atmospheric photochemical processes, removal processes (dry and wet deposition), assessment of urban planning on air quality (present and future scenarios).

Latest scientific papers

A health economic assessment of air pollution effects under climate neutral vehicle fleet scenarios in Stockholm, Sweden

Kriit, H.,; Nilsson Sommar, J.,; Forsberg, B.; Åström, S.; Svensson, M.; Johansson, C.

Near-Source Risk Functions for Particulate Matter Are Critical When Assessing the Health Benefits of Local Abatement Strategies

2021 | Int J Environ Res Public Health | 18

Overall health impacts of a potential increase in cycle commuting in Stockholm, Sweden.

Sommar J.N.; Johansson, C.; Lövenheim B.; Schantz, P.; Markstedt, A.; Strömgren, M.; Stigson, H.; Forsberg, B.
2021 | Scand J Public Health

Regulating and Cultural Ecosystem Services of Urban Green Infrastructure in the Nordic Countries: A Systematic Review

Amorim, J.; Engardt, M.; Johansson, C.; Ribeiro, I.; Sannebro, M.
2021 | Int J Environ Res Public Health | 18 (1219) (1-19)

Comparison of measured residential black carbon levels outdoors and indoors with fixed-site monitoring data and with dispersion modelling

Gruzieva, O.; Georgelis, A.; Andersson, N.; Bellander, T..; Johansson, C.; Merritt, A.-S.
2020 | Environ Sci Pollut Res

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Atmospheric Science

The life cycle and impact of tiny atmospheric particles known as aerosols – both indoors as well as outdoors.