Christer Johansson

Room: V215
Phone: 086747276
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Research field

Urban air pollution and the associations between air pollutants and human health. Emissions of air pollutants, source-receptor modelling, modelling of air pollutants using meteorological dispersion models, gas- particle transformation and partitioning, atmospheric photochemical processes, removal processes (dry and wet deposition), assessment of urban planning on air quality (present and future scenarios).

Latest scientific papers

Comparison of measured residential black carbon levels outdoors and indoors with fixed-site monitoring data and with dispersion modelling

Gruzieva, O.; Georgelis, A.; Andersson, N.; Bellander, T..; Johansson, C.; Merritt, A.-S.
2020 | Environ Sci Pollut Res

Potential Eects on Travelers’ Air Pollution Exposure and Associated Mortality Estimated for a Mode Shift from Car to Bicycle Commuting

Nilsson Sommar, J.; Johansson, C.; Lövenheim, B.; Markstedt, A.; Strömgren, M.; Forsberg, B.
2020 | Int J Environ Res Public Health | 17

Associations between Vehicle Exhaust Particles and Ozone at Home Address and Birth Weight

Olsson, D.; Johansson, C.; Forsberg, B.
2020 | Int J Environ Res Public Health | 17 (11)

A Random Forest Approach to Estimate Daily Particulate Matter, Nitrogen Dioxide, and Ozone at Fine Spatial Resolution in Sweden

Stafoggia, M.; Johansson, C.; Glantz, P.; Renzi, M.; Shtein, A.; de Hoogh, K.; Kloog, I.; Davoli, M.; Michelozzi, P.; Bellander, T.
2020 | ATMOSPHERE | 11 (239) (1-19)

Long-term exposure to particulate air pollution, black carbon and their source components in relation to ischemic heart disease and stroke

Ljungman, P.L.S.; Andersson, N.; Stockfelt, L.; Andersson, E.M.; Nilsson Sommar, J.; Eneroth, K.; Gidhagen, L.; Johansson, C.; Lager, A.; Leander, K.; Molnar, P.; Pedersen, N.L.; Rizzuto, D.; Rosengren, A.; Segersson, D.; Wennberg, P.; Barregard, L.; Forsberg, B.; Sallsten, G.; Bellander, T.; Pershagen, G.
2019 | Environ. Health Perspect. | 127 (10)

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Atmospheric Science

The life cycle and impact of tiny atmospheric particles known as aerosols – both indoors as well as outdoors.