Birgitta Noone

Technical personnel
Room: X230a
Phone: +46 8 674 7252

Job Description

Homepages, instrument service, electronics, nuts and bolts.

Latest scientific papers

Method for the Collection and HPLC Analysis of Hydrogen Peroxide and C1 and C2 Hydropeoxides in the Atmosphere.

Lee, M.; Noone, K.B.; O'Sullivan, D. & B. Heikes
1995 | J. Atmos. Ocean. Technol. | 12 (1060-1070)

Small crystals in cirrus clouds: their residue sized distribution, cloud water content and realted cloud properties.

Ström, J.; Heintzenberg, J.; Noone, K.J.; Noone, K.B.; Ogren, J.A.; Albers, F. & Quante
1994 | Atmos. Res. | 32 (125-141)

In-situ observations of cirrus cloud michrophysical properties using the counterflow virtual impactor.

Noone, K.B.; Noone, K.J.; Heintzenberg, J.; Ström, J.; Ogren
1993 | J. Atmos. Ocean. Technol. | 10 (294-303)

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