Birgit Wild

Guest researcher/Post doc
Room: R511
Phone: +46 8 674 7250

Research Interests

Arctic ecosystems store large amounts of organic carbon within continuously frozen permafrost soils, but are also strongly affected by global warming. Permafrost thaw thus promotes the mineralization of soil organic carbon to carbon dioxide and methane, two strong greenhouse gases that can further accelerate global warming in a positive feedback loop.

My research on arctic carbon cycling specifically focuses on

  • the transfer of organic carbon from permafrost soils into rivers and oceans, and its decomposition,
  • the vulnerability of organic carbon in inundated permafrost soils (subsea permafrost),
  • the effects of increasing plant productivity on organic matter decomposition in the seasonally thawed active layer of permafrost soils (priming effects), and
  • interactions of carbon and nitrogen cycling during decomposition.

Latest scientific papers

Decoupling of microbial carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus cycling in response to extreme temperature events

Mooshammer M.; Hofhansl F.; Frank A.H.; Wanek W.; Hämmerle I.; Leitner S.; Schnecker J.; Wild B.; Watzka M.; Keiblinger K.M.; Zechmeister-Boltenstern S.; Richter A.
2017 | Sci. Adv. | 3 (e1602781)

Microbial utilization of mineral-associated nitrogen in soils

Turner S.; Meyer-Stüve S.; Schippers A.; Guggenberger G.; Schaarschmidt F.; Wild B.; Richter A.; Dohrmann R.; Mikutta R.
2017 | Soil Biol. Biochem. | 104 (185-196)

Stress-induced changes in carbon allocation among metabolite pools influence isotope-based predictions of water use efficiency in Phaseolus vulgaris

Lockhart E.; Wild B.; Richter A.; Simonin K.; Merchant A.
2016 | Funct. Plant Biol. | 43 (12) (1149-1158)

Carbon isotope composition of carbohydrates and polyols in leaf and phloem sap of Phaseolus vulgaris L. influences predictions of plant water use efficiency

Smith M.; Wild B.; Simonin K.; Richter A.; Merchant A.
2016 | Plant Cell Physiol. | 57 (1756-1766)

Plant-derived compounds stimulate the decomposition of organic matter in arctic permafrost soils

Wild B.; Gentsch N.; Čapek P.; Diáková K.; Alves R.J.E.; Bárta J.; Gittel A.; Hugelius G.; Knoltsch A.; Kuhry P.; Lashchinskiy N.; Mikutta R.; Palmtag J.; Schleper C.; Schnecker J.; Shibistova O.; Takriti M.; Torsvik V.L.; Urich T.; Watzka M.; Šantrůčková H.; Guggenberger G.; Richter A.
2016 | Sci Rep | 6

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How human activities affect natural processes that drive the major biogeochemical cycles that ultimately govern the composition of the environment.