Birgit Wild

Guest researcher/Post doc
Room: R511
Phone: +46 8 674 7250

Research Interests

My research focuses on Arctic carbon and nitrogen cycling under changing environmental conditions. Arctic ecosystems store large amounts of organic carbon and nitrogen within continuously frozen permafrost soils that are rapidly thawing as a consequence of global warming. Previously frozen carbon and nitrogen consequently becomes accessible to microbial decomposers, resulting in the production of greenhouse gases that can further accelerate global warming.

Specific research focus areas:

  • Transfer and degradation of permafrost-derived organic carbon along the land-river-ocean continuum;
  • Vulnerability of organic carbon and nitrogen in inundated permafrost soils (“subsea permafrost”) to degradation;
  • Effect of increasing plant productivity on organic matter decomposition in the seasonally thawed active layer of permafrost soils (“priming effect”);
  • Nitrogen cycling and N2O production on the East Siberian Arctic Shelf.

Latest scientific papers

Microbial carbon and nitrogen cycling responses to drought and temperature in differently managed mountain grasslands

Fuchslueger L.; Wild B.; Mooshammer M.; Takriti M.; Kienzl S.; Knoltsch A.; Hofhansl F.; Bahn M.; Richter A.
2019 | Soil Biol. Biochem. | 135 (144-153)

Decoupling of priming and microbial N mining during a short-term soil incubation

Wild B.; Li J.; Pihlblad J.; Bengtson P.; Rütting T.
2019 | Soil Biol. Biochem. | 129 (71-79)

Remobilization of old permafrost carbon to Chukchi Sea sediments during the end of the last deglaciation

Jannik Martens; Birgit Wild; Christof Pearce; Tommaso Tesi; August Andersson; Lisa Bröder; Matt O'Regan; Martin Jakobsson; Martin Sköld; Laura Gemery; Thomas M. Cronin; Igor Semiletov; Oleg V. Dudarev; Örjan Gustafsson
2019 | Global Biogeochem Cycles | 33

Standardized protocols and procedures can precisely and accurately quantify non-structural carbohydrates

Landhäusser S.M.; Chow P.S.; Dickman L.T.; Furze M.E.; Kuhlman I.; Schmid S.; Wiesenbauer J.; Wild B.; Gleixner G.; Hartmann H.; Hoch G.; McDowell N.G.; Richardson A.D.; Richter A.; Adams H.D.
2018 | Tree Physiol. | 38 (1764-1778)

A plant-microbe interaction framework explaining nutrient effects on primary production

Čapek P.; Manzoni S.; Kaštovská E.; Wild B.; Diáková K.; Bárta J.; Schnecker J.; Biasi C.; Martikainen P.J.; Alves R.J.E.; Guggenberger G.; Gentsch N.; Hugelius G.; Palmtag J.; Mikutta R.; Shibistova O.; Urich T.; Schleper C.; Richter A.; Šantrůčková H.
2018 | Nat. Ecol. Evol | 2 (1588-1596)

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