Anna Beronius

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Room: V516
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Regulatory toxicology

I conduct research within the field of regulatory toxicology. My principal aim is to contribute to national and international efforts to improve regulatory risk assessment of endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs).

There is a global concern that EDCs may be contributing to observed increases in endocrine-related disease in the human population, as well as effects in the environment.  However, risk assessment of EDCs has proven complicated and is often hampered by large scientific uncertainties. One primary reason is the complex toxicity exhibited by hormonally active substances, which challenges the methods, assumptions and principles traditionally applied in toxicity testing and risk assessment. My work focuses on how these uncertainties can be reduced or handled. I am especially interested in how methods for evaluating reliability and relevance of data for risk assessment, as well as for conducting weight of evidence evaluations, can be developed and improved. Literature studies that scrutinize risk assessments and scientific literature, as well as relevant legislation and other policy documents, provide the basis for my research.

Latest scientific papers

Reliability and relevance evaluations of REACH data

Ellen Ingre-Khans; Marlene Ågerstrand; Anna Beronius; Christina Rudén;
2019 | Toxicol. Res.

Improving structure and transparency in reliability evaluations of data under REACH: suggestions for a systematic method

Ellen Ingre-Khans; Marlene Ågerstrand; Christina Rudén; Anna Beronius;
2019 | Hum. Ecol. Risk Assess.

Toxicity studies used in REACH ‐ How accurately are they reported?

Ellen Ingre‐Khans; Marlene Ågerstrand; Anna Beronius; Christina Rudén;
2019 | Toxicol. Res.

A call for action: Improve reporting of research studies to increase the scientific basis for regulatory decision‐making

Marlene Ågerstrand; Sofie Christiansen; Annika Hanberg; Christina Rudén; Lars Andersson; Sjur Andersen; Henrik Appelgren; Christine Bjørge; Ian Henning Clausen; Dag Markus Eide; Nanna B. Hartmann; Trine Husøy; Halldór Pálmar Halldórsson; Marianne van der Hagen; Ellen Ingre‐Khans; Adam David Lillicrap; Vibe Meister Beltoft; Anna‐Karin Mörk; Mari Murtomaa‐Hautala; Elsa Nielsen; Kristín Ólafsdóttir; Jaana Palomäki; Hinni Papponen; Emilie Marie Reiler; Helene Stockmann‐Juvala; Tiina Suutari; Henrik Tyle; Anna Beronius
2018 | J Appl Toxicol | 1-3

Making the most of expert judgment in hazard and risk assessment of chemicals

2017 | Toxicology

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