Alyssa Azaroff

Guest researcher/Post doc
Room: S510
Phone: +46 8 674 7732

Latest scientific papers

Microbial degradation of hydrophobic emerging contaminants from marine sediment slurries (Capbreton Canyon) to pure bacterial strain

Azaroff A; Mathilde M; Miossec C; Gassie C; Guyneaud R
2021 | J. Hazard. Mater.

Marine mercury-methylating microbial communities from coastal to Capbreton Canyon sediments (North Atlantic Ocean)

Azaroff A; Goni M; Gassie C; Monperrus M; Guyoneaud R
2020 | Environ. Pollut.

Priority and emerging micropollutants distribution from coastal to continental slope sediments: A case study of Capbreton Submarine Canyon (North Atlantic Ocean)

Azaroff A; Miossec C; Lanceleur L; Guyoneaud R ; Monperrus M
2019 | Sci. Total Environ.

Mercury and methylmercury concentrations, sources and distribution in submarine canyon sediments (Capbreton, SW France): Implications for the net methylmercury production

Azaroff A; Tessier E; Deborde J; Guyoneaud R; Monperrus M
2019 | Sci. Total Environ.

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