Åke Bergman

Professor emeritus
Room: C324
Phone: +46 8 16 3997

About me

I have been in organic environmental chemistry research since 1975. My main area of interest is human and wildlife exposures to organic contaminants, both persistent and semi-persistent chemicals, as well as understanding chemical reactivities of compounds present in the environment. The research is performed in fruitful collaboration with scientists from several other disciplines but I may particularly mention (eco)toxicology and epidemiology. I am particularly interested in endocrine effects of chemicals. Over the last decade I have also gathered a specific interest in chemicals used as flame retardants, particularly the brominated flame retardants (BFRs). Identification of ?new? environmental contaminants is a major interest as well. To understand and assess exposures to chemicals it is a prerequisite that the compounds of interest are well defined. Hence chemical synthesis is necessary. The chemicals prepared are used as authentic reference standards. Chemical synthesis is also a prerequisite for determination of their toxicity, chemical reactivities and physico-chemical characteristics. My research has thus included development of or modifications of methods for synthesis of (potential) environmental contaminants, their metabolites and abiotically transformed products. Part of my interest is also to develop methods for analysis of environmental contaminants and their transformation products, incl. metabolites. The methodology applied for cleanup and analysis are crucial for the success of the assessments. The research has included studies of metabolism of several environmental contaminants. The knowledge from each of the areas described (chemical synthesis, chemical characteristics, analysis and metabolism) is integrated and used when studies on human and wildlife (fish, birds, mammals) exposures are performed and when toxicity studies are done. This is performed through a range of valuable corporations with skilled scientists within and outside Sweden. My research is not much to present if it had not been for the knowledgeable, devoted and hard works my colleagues, Ph.D. students and diploma work students are contiguously putting into this. I am also engaged in teaching at basic university and graduate courses. Right now I am chairing a board for planning a new four year educational program in environmental sciences. For further information on my activities please see my CV (PDF file).

Latest scientific papers

Characterization of residential household dust from Shanghai by particle size and analysis of organophosphorus flame retardants and metals

Li, L; Qiu, Y; Gustafsson, Å; Krais, A; Weiss, JM; Lundh, T; Bergman, Å
2019 | Environ Sci Eur | 31 (1) (1-12)

Analysis of phthalate esters, DINCH and MEHP in household dust and comparison of the daily intake by inhalation and ingestion

Weiss, JM; Gustafsson, Å; Gerde, P; Bergman, Å; Lindh, CH; Krais, AM
2018 | Chemosphere | 208 (40-49)

Determination of Chlorinated Paraffins by Bromide-Anion Attachment Atmospheric-Pressure Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry

Yuan B, Benskin JP, Chen CL, Bergman Å
2018 | Environ. Sci. Technol. Lett. | In Press

Cats’ Internal Exposure to Selected BFRs and Organochlorines Correlated to House Dust and Cat Food.

Norrgran Engdahl, J; Jones, B; Athanassiadis, I; Bergman, Å; Bignert, A; Weiss, JM
2017 | Environ. Sci. Technol. | 51 (5) (3012-3020)

Chlorinated Paraffins Leaking from Hand Blenders can lead to Significant Human Exposures.

Yuan, B.; Strid, A.; Darnerud, P.O.; de Wit, C.A.; Nyström, J.; Bergman, Å.
2017 | Environ Int | 109 (73-80)

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