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Högbomsalen, Geovetenskapens hus, Frescati

SLB-analys – a department at the Environment and Health Administration of the city of Stockholm – is responsible for supervising air quality in Eastern Sweden. SLB also coordinates and participates in research projects focussing on environmental and health impacts of air pollutant emissions and efficiency of actions to minimize impacts, and offers commercial services to authorities and companies that need measurements, impact assessments and consultations. SLB and ACES have a long history of cooperation in both research projects and regulatory monitoring activities. Several persons at SLB have a PhD or MSc from SU (MISU or ACES). The seminar consists of 5 presentations giving you examples of activities and results and the objective is also to stimulate ideas for future cooperation.


Radovan Krejci
Deputy head of unit
Atmospheric Science

Phone +46 8 674 7224