The Swedish Environmental Classification and Information System for Pharmaceuticals – An empirical investigation of the motivations, intentions and expectations underlying its development and implementation

2009 | Environ Int | 35 (5) (778-786)
classification , ecotoxicity , environmental hazard and risk assessment , performance , pharmaceuticals , secis , self-regulation , survey study , the swedish environmental classification and information system for pharmaceuticals , unilateral commitment , voluntary agreement , voluntary approach

In 2005 the Swedish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (LIF) initiated a national environmental classification and information system for pharmaceuticals. This investigation reports the results from a survey, conducted among the persons involved in the start-up process. The aim of this study is to generate knowledge contributing to the clarification of the motivations, expectations, and intentions underlying the development and implementation of the system. The decision to implement a classification and information system for pharmaceuticals was the result of a combination of several driving forces, mainly political pressure and a possibility to increase the industries' goodwill, while at the same time keeping the process under the industries' control. The expected possible effects of the system, other than increased goodwill, are according to this survey assumed to be low. The system offers little guidance for end-users in the substitution of one pharmaceutical for another. One possible reason for this could be that LIF needs to observe the interests of all its members' and should not affect competition. The affiliation of the involved actors correlates to how these actors view and value the system, but this has not hampered the collaborative process to develop and implement it. (C) 2008 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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