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Deconvolution of Soft Ionization Mass Spectra of Chlorinated Paraffins to Resolve Congener Groups

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Screening-level Models to Estimate Partition Ratios of Organic Chemicals between Polymeric Materials, Air and Water

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Response to Comment on “Enhanced Elimination of PerfluorooctaneSulfonic Acid by Menstruating Women: Evidence fromPopulation-based Pharmacokinetic Modeling”

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Rate Constants and Activation Energies for Gas-Phase Reactions of Three Cyclic Volatile Methyl Siloxanes with the Hydroxyl Radical

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Using chemical benchmarking to determine the persistence of chemicals in a Swedish lake

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Toxicity of leachate from weathering plastics: An exploratory screening study with Nitocra spinipes

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Towards an improved understanding of processes controlling absorption efficiency and biomagnification of organic chemicals by fish

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Improving the design of biomonitoring studies for persistent organic pollutants: Insights from population based pharmakokinetic modeling

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SETAC Europe, 25th Annual Meeting | February 3, 2023 | Barcelona, Spain

Performance of the CalTOX fate and exposure model in a case study for a dioxin-contaminated site

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Book Review: Elements of Environmental Chemistry, second ed., by Ronald A. Hites & Jonathan D. Raff.

2015 | Chemosphere | 119 (1304-1304)

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