The genotoxic potency of glycidol established from the micronucleus frequency and hemoglobin adduct levels in mice

Aasa J.; Abramsson-Zetterberg L.; Carlsson H.; Törnqvist M
2016 | Food Chem. Toxicol. | 100 (168-174)

Glycidol is a genotoxic animal carcinogen that has raised concern due to its presence in food, as glycidyl fatty acid esters. Here we investigated the genotoxicity of glycidol in BalbC mice (0-120 mg/kg) by monitoring the induction of micronuclei in peripheral blood as a marker of chromosomal damage. The scoring of the micronuclei was assessed by flow cytometry. In the treated mice, the internal dose of glycidol, expressed as area under the concentration-time curve, AUC (mol × L-1 × h; Mh), was measured by dihydroxypropyl adducts to hemoglobin (Hb). The study showed that glycidol induced linear dose-dependent increases of Hb adducts (20 pmol/g Hb per mg/kg) and of micronuclei frequencies (12‰ per mMh). Compared to calculations based on administered dose, an improved dose-response relationship was observed when considering internal dose, achieved through the applied combination of sensitive techniques used for the scoring of micronuclei and AUC estimation of glycidol in the same mice. By comparing with earlier studies on micronuclei induction in mice exposed to ionizing radiation we estimated the radiation dose equivalent (rad-eq.) of glycidol to be ca 15 rad-eq./mMh.

Alkylcobyrinate from sucralose and mechanistic aspects of its Co-C bond cleavage

Motwani, HV; Shimakoshi, H; Tornqvist, M; Golding, BT; Hisaeda, Y
2014 | Tetrahedron Lett. | 55 (2667-2670)

Cob(I)alamin reacts with sucralose to afford an alkylcobalamin: Relevance to in vivo cobalamin and sucralose interaction

Motwani, HV; Qiu, SR; Golding, BT; Kylin, H; Tornqvist, M
2011 | Food Chem. Toxicol. | 49 (750-757)

In Vivo Doses of Acrylamide and Glycidamide in Humans after Intake of Acrylamide-Rich Food

Vikstrom, AC; Abramsson-Zetterberg, L; Naruszewicz, M; Athanassiadis, I; Granath, FN; Tornqvist, MA
2011 | Toxicol. Sci. | 119 (41-49)

Quantitative analysis by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry of glycidamide using the cob(I)alamin trapping method: Validation and application to in vitro metabolism of acrylamide

2011 | J. Chromatogr. A | 1218 (4389-4394)

Analysis of Hemoglobin Adducts from Acrylamide, Glycidamide, and Ethylene Oxide in Paired Mother/Cord Blood Samples from Denmark

von Stedingk, H; Vikstrom, AC; Rydberg, P; Pedersen, M; Nielsen, JKS; Segerback, D; Knudsen, LE; Tornqvist, M
2011 | 24 (1957-1965)

A New General Pathway for Synthesis of Reference Compounds of N-Terminal Valine-Isocyanate Adducts

Davies, R; Rydberg, P; Westberg, E; Motwani, HV; Johnstone, E; Tornqvist, M
2010 | Chem. Res. Toxicol. | 23 (540-546)

Alcohol influence on acrylamide to glycidamide metabolism assessed with hemoglobin-adducts and questionnaire data

Vikstrom, AC; Wilson, KM; Paulsson, B; Athanassiadis, I; Gronberg, H; Adami, HO; Adolfsson, J; Mucci, LA; Balter, K; Tornqvist, M
2010 | Food Chem. Toxicol. | 48 (820-824)

A new modified Edman procedure for analysis of N-terminal valine adducts in hemoglobin by LC-MS/MS

von Stedingk, H; Rydberg, P; Tornqvist, M
2010 | 878 (2483-2490)

Methyl vinyl ketone-Identification and quantification of adducts to N-terminal valine in human hemoglobin

von Stedingk, H; Davies, R; Rydberg, P; Tornqvist, M
2010 | 878 (2491-2496)

Evaluation of molecularly imprinted solid-phase extraction for a 1,2:3,4-diepoxybutane adduct to valine

Moller, K; Davies, R; Fred, C; Tornqvist, M; Nilsson, U
2010 | 878 (2497-2501)

Acrylamide exposure measured by food frequency questionnaire and hemoglobin adduct levels and prostate cancer risk in the Cancer of the Prostate in Sweden Study

Wilson KM; Balter K; Adami H; Grönberg H; Vikström AC; Paulsson B; Törnqvist M; Mucci LA;
2009 | Int. J. Cancer | 124

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