Method for the Collection and HPLC Analysis of Hydrogen Peroxide and C1 and C2 Hydropeoxides in the Atmosphere.

Lee, M.; Noone, K.B.; O'Sullivan, D. & B. Heikes
1995 | J. Atmos. Ocean. Technol. | 12 (1060-1070)
atmosphere , hplc , hydrogen peroxide , peroxides

Small crystals in cirrus clouds: their residue sized distribution, cloud water content and realted cloud properties.

Ström, J.; Heintzenberg, J.; Noone, K.J.; Noone, K.B.; Ogren, J.A.; Albers, F. & Quante
1994 | Atmos. Res. | 32 (125-141)

In-situ observations of cirrus cloud michrophysical properties using the counterflow virtual impactor.

Noone, K.B.; Noone, K.J.; Heintzenberg, J.; Ström, J.; Ogren
1993 | J. Atmos. Ocean. Technol. | 10 (294-303)

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