We have developed an approach for cancer risk estimation of genotoxic carcinogens
based on:
– A relative cancer risk model;
– Area-under the concentration-time curve (AUC) of the genotoxic agent;
– The relative genotoxic potency.
The approach is validated for a few compounds and now additional compounds will be studied, applying a strengthened battery of methods.

The specific objectives are to achieve an evaluation of model compounds regarding:
– AUC and relative genotoxic potency in vitro and in vivo measured;
– Applicability of the relative cancer risk model;
– Risk estimates of ongoing exposures using the approach.

The overall results should be used for:
– Validation of applicability of the different methods and of the relative risk model, as standard procedures in risk estimation of genotoxic carcinogens, and identification of possible limitations.
– Publication of reviews to make the approach and methods useful for others.

The overall aims are:
To establish the developed approach/methods for estimates of cancer risks from genotoxic carcinogens (which also will reduce needs for long-term animal cancer assays).

Methods: Analysis of AUC with different methods; metabolism studies in vitro and in vivo; measurement of mutations in vitro and micronuclei in vitro and in vivo; modeling work.