Recently we introduced a 96-tips set packed with a plug of a monolithic adsorbent. This new sample preparation method is using monolithic methacrylate polymer as packing sorbent for 96-tip robotic device. Using this device a 96-well plate could be handled in 2-4 minutes. The key aspect of the monolithic phase is that monolithic material can offer both good binding capacity and low back-pressure properties compared to e.g. silica phases. Packed 96-tips sample preparation is a clean, high-throughput, and semi-automated sample-preparation method.

This project is divided in two parts:
Part I: Development of new selective monolithic sorbents and application of this sorbents for bioanalysis.
Part II: The automation of the 96-Tips to introduce the sample directly into mass spectrometry interface without LC.

[1] Z. Altun, C. Skoglund, M. Abdel-Rehim, Monolithic packed 96-tips for bioanalysis applicaions, J. Chromatogr. A, 1217, 2581-2588 (2010)
[2] M. Mahdi Moein, A. El Beqqali, Abbi Abdel-Rehim, Amin Jeppsson-Dadoun, M. Abdel-Rehim, Preparation of monolithic molecularly imprinted polymer sol–gel packed tips for high-throughput bioanalysis: Extraction and quantification of l-tyrosine in human plasma and urine samples utilizing liquid chromatography and tandem mass spectrometry, Journal of Chromatography B, 967, 168-173 (2014)

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