The research programme MistraPharma works to identify human pharmaceuticals that are likely to be of concern to aquatic ecosystems and address the risk for antibiotic resistance promotion in the environment. It is a collaboration between five Swedish and one British university. The research at Stockholm University address two areas:

1) Risk management strategies, in particular improved regulatory risk assessment of pharmaceutical substances.

2) Development and implementation of mode of action associated ecotoxicological assays and ecotoxicological assessments of wastewater treatments.

Please visit for our main findings, video recordings, published articles, book chapters, as well as a policy brief for decision makers. The research programme started in 2008 and will end in 2015.

At ACES, Professor Christina Rudén is programme director, Dr Marlene Ågerstrand is project leader of “Regulatory risk assessment and management” and Professor Magnus Breitholtz is project leader of “Identification of high risk APIs”.

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Project start: 2008

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