This project is an interdisciplinary collaboration with the Dermatochemistry group of Prof Ann-Therese Karlberg at Gothenburg University and Dr Lina Hagvall at Sahlgrenska Hospital, Gothenburg University. More specifically, it includes identification of haptens, development of methods to measure important haptens in the environment and products, and study of hapten formation from pre-and prohaptens. Suitable analytical methods are necessary for 1) exposure measurements, 2) regulation purposes and 3) characterization of test chemicals at dermatology clinics. The interdisciplinary approach yields a combination of patient data, animal data and analytical methods, which is needed to understand why materials/commercial products are causes of contact allergy.

– Contact allergens in commercial products made of neoprene – analytical methodology for isothiocyanates and dialkylthioureas.
– Analytical methodology for monoterpene hydroperoxides – the main skin sensitizers in fragrances.

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Project start: 2013

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