Stockholm University moves to distance learning from March 18 due to COVID-19 risks

Information from Stockholm University President

Dear students and staff at Stockholm University

Due to the difficult situation caused by the coronavirus infection in Sweden, the Government has today, 17 March, asked all educational institutions (and upper secondary schools) to transition to distance learning from tomorrow, Wednesday, 18 March.

Stockholm University will follow this directive, and consequently, I declare that, from 18 March 2020, and until further notice, no education or examination shall be conducted in the University’s premises.

Our overall goal is that courses and programmes should, as far as possible, be implemented as planned, but in the form of distance learning.

It is the responsibility of the course teacher to find appropriate forms for teaching and examination. To the extent that deviations from the syllabus need to be made, for example with regard to new examination forms or alternatives to compulsory elements, these must be decided by the Head of each department. In the first instance, the University’s teachers and department heads are asked to find alternative forms of teaching and examination, if this is not feasible, the department may decide to postpone certain elements. The University has today decided to give departments a mandate to extend the spring term to the extent deemed necessary, up to and including 30 August (the day before the autumn term begins). It may also be necessary to postpone mandatory elements longer than that. If you, as a student, have questions about your courses or examinations, it is up to the teacher responsible for the course or director of studies at your department to guide you.

From tomorrow, the University’s premises on campus will be open only to employees, and all study areas will be closed until further notice. There will be the opportunity to collect books ordered from Stockholm University Library for a limited time each day, please see for more information.

We currently find ourselves in an extreme situation, and I fully understand that many questions arise. Together, we will try to find the best solutions we can, always with the aim that your studies shall be conducted at the intended pace and with as few disruptions as possible.

We gather our overall information about the current situation at


Astrid Söderbergh Widding

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